U.S. Keeps Their Friends (Afghans) Close and Their Enemies (Taliban) Closer.

The Taliban in Afghanistan

What a mistake this was! I suspected we were reaching a fever pitch in Kabul, but today’s terror attack is totally outrageous and unacceptable! A suicide bomber takes out 13 of our military and 95 (so far) Afghans, and we were warned ahead of time? What kind of military strategy was this? No trucks should have been allowed near a checkpoint during a threat of an ISIS attack. No trucks! No Taliban soldiers should have been screening them. Zero. ISIS prisoners were let out by the Taliban and they recongregated, and we didn’t see this coming? Who’s in charge over there?

I feel like our military was not trained in what ISIS is all about and became trusting sitting ducks. They’ve been taught about systemic racism instead of how to spot our enemy. ISIS (now called ISIS K by Biden) are killing machines and have our machines to do it! Why would our generals trust Taliban who took down our World Trade Center? They just took over their country from the Afghans! They can’t be trusted! Who’s in charge over there?

We are cutting and running and leaving a trail of bloody bodies in our path. Today’s attack will be the beginning of many more it looks like. We will end up sending in more troops and taking on ISIS all over again combined with the Taliban. And they have all our arsenals, tanks, helicopters, drones, uniforms, and Toyota trucks and Hummers which will make it hard to know if they are U.S. or Taliban. Who’s in charge over there?

The Pentagon praised their military today for a great job and for working with Taliban. It was sickening. They should have been apologizing immensely to families who lost their loved ones. Where are the Code Pink Ladies that hate war? They came out everyday during the Iraq War. But when a Democrat is president they remain silent? This alone should have everyone agreeing. Biden has botched this military mission from the get go and will lead us back into war. We will have terror attacks on our soil again. They are bringing Afghans into our country who could be radicalized once they see how we live or go on Twitter.

Biden goes on the air talking about his son Bo’s one year service who didn’t die in the war. He died from cancer which millions of people do each year. My brother died from cancer and was in the Navy four years and we never equate the two. But Biden keeps using Bo as a prop to gain sympathy from the public. Interestingly, he never mentions Hunter’s service. I wonder why? Not really.

“First person I was instructed to call on,” Biden says after a moment of silence and a look of a deer in the headlights. Biden is counting on Taliban’s self interest to behave. OMG! This guy is clearly unfit for this job that he stole. If self interest is pallets of cash, we know how that turns out. He mocks FOX reporter Doocy before he calls him then deflects from his question and starts quizzing Doocy about Trump’s pullout plan which he didn’t even use. Doocy asked if the buck really stops with Biden. Biden blamed Trump first, Bush second, but never put blame on Obama. Then he says he expects these attacks to continue beyond today. This is just the beginning. The guy who knocks on wood hoping the troops won’t die. We’re in trouble. Trouble, trouble, trouble with a capital T that rhymes with B that stands for Biden!

Time to resign, Biden. You missed your afternoon nappy and milky and had to lay your head on your binder during your press conference. Wow! If he doesn’t look weak, I don’t know what weak looks like. No wonder we lost in Afghanistan. We need to send in a squadron of bombers and carpet bomb the s–t out of Taliban and ISIS…again. Shock and Awe will have to return as we can’t count on Biden to track down and kill a fly. He gave an empty threat. As Trump says, Taliban saw weakness and began their takeover the second Biden stepped into office. And our generals weren’t watching as they were too busy spreading falsehoods of systemic racism.


One thought on “U.S. Keeps Their Friends (Afghans) Close and Their Enemies (Taliban) Closer.

  1. As allies of the US, the Saudis were increasingly forced to keep their distance. The UAE broke off diplomatic ties shortly after the September 2001 attacks. Since then, Qatar has slowly stepped into the breach, working as a mediator between the Taliban and other parties in recent years — and from 2013 onwards, became infamous for being the only country in the world to formally host the Taliban’s political commission.


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