Are We “Better” Off Now Than Seven Months Ago?

SF's first sanctioned camping site for the homeless gives residents a safe  place to sleep - The San Francisco Examiner
The Streets of San Francisco.
Afghans scramble to flee Taliban takeover - CBS News
Afghans and Americans fleeing from Taliban.
Why Massachusetts Schoolchildren Shouldn't Be Required to Wear Masks |  Healthiest Communities | US News
Children forced to wear masks in school.
Border crisis: I'm a Texas sheriff with 4 deputies patrolling 110 miles
Crisis at the border.

I thought we were supposed to build back better? I think not. Are we safer today than we were seven months ago? I think not. Are we happier today than we were seven months ago? I think not. Is the soul of America that Biden promised to restore looking better on the world stage? No way.

We got the vaccine but still have to wear masks. Cities have opened up, but we don’t feel safe eating outside now. Now we’d rather eat inside to avoid getting shot by a rogue BLM member that hates whites. Have elections gotten any better? There’s a widespread attempt to steal the election from Larry Elder in California with mail in ballots AGAIN and no one is stopping it. In fact, Sleepy Joe plans a trip there to campaign rather than go to the chaos at the California border or stay to handle Hurricane Ida or the crisis in Kabul. He’s just about politics, period. He has no empathy for people suffering.

A corrupt prosecutor in L.A. wants to release the murderer of Bobbie Kennedy and Newsom gets the final word. The timing is suspicious. We have thousands of trapped Americans and Afghans in Kabul that WISH to leave but only have one day left, chosen by Biden. How’s that better off than seven months ago? It’s not. We are under threat of another terror attack in Kabul from ISIS K, which is the same as ISIS but our government wants us to believe it is a new strain that just popped up! Don’t believe it. What’s K stand for: Kindergarten? Like Pre-K? ISIS babies? Not a chance.

Biden’s evacuation from a war that we suddenly lost in seven months is the worst in U.S. history, not better. Biden’s handling of securing our borders is the worst in U.S. history, not better. Biden’s handling of the covid pandemic is the worst in U.S. history, not better. Biden’s handling of racial tensions is the worst in U.S. history, not better. Instead of calming the tension, he has added fuel to the flames.

Biden’s handling of our economy is the worst in U.S. history, not better. He ignored four years of increasing prosperity then put us in inflation by raising taxes and cancelling our energy independence. Biden’s education system is the worst in U.S. history, not better. Schools are forcing our children to learn about white privilege and wear masks. Biden’s handling of the homeless is the worst in U.S. history, not better. Cities that never saw a tent encampment are now being forced to allow them due to new liberal laws. Biden keeps bringing more and more foreigners into our country by air, foot, and buses. Where are all these people going to live? We can’t even handle our own citizens! Is this Building Back America Better? No.

Crime and violence are the worst in U.S. history, not better. Liberal courts have not prosecuted the offenders so, therefore, they continue to run roughshod over the criminal justice system. Looters are allowed to steal up to $1,000 from a store without being prosecuted.

Biden’s military is the worst in U.S. history, not better. He weakened our military with teaching of white privilege, CRT, and transgender inclusion, basically reversing all Trump’s work. Our FBI and CIA are still searching for Trump supporters to arrest rather than thwarting the next terror attack in Kabul. Yesterday’s fallen troops coming home was disheartening. We never want to see that again. I’m fearful for the twenty year anniversary of 9-11.

Now we are bracing for the damage done by Ida which is not the fault of Biden, just as it wasn’t Bush’s fault during Katrina. Natural disasters are not the fault of a president as long as the people get full warning to evacuate, which they did during Katrina and Ida. But are we better off now than seven months ago? Certainly not!

Nothing is better under Biden. He’s never built anything in his lifetime and never will. He lied, people died. Period. Next!


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