Kamala is Joe’s Job Security.

What California knows about Kamala Harris | CalMatters

Why do you think he picked her? No one likes her. Sort of why Obama picked Joe. No one liked him. But now we are stuck with Joe because just as the covid pandemic was the best thing to ever happen to him then, Kamala is the best thing right now. No one wants or trusts her which leaves impeachment off the table. Without the pandemic there would have been no mail in ballots; therefore, no stolen election. Period.

But now that we have bumbling, stumbling, incoherent Joe, what the hell will we do? Impeach him? The House won’t even start one up as it is run by loony tunes. Pull the 25 Amendment on him? That would be nice, but who’s going to do it, Nancy, Schumer…Anyone?

The other choice is his wife asking him to step down before he does anymore damage. But she acts like Alice in Alice in Wonderland, prancing around with her mask on oblivious to her son’s foibles as well as her goofy husband’s shortcomings. Never seen such an educated woman seem so out of it. She must be behind it somehow. It’s all for her position as First Lady. After all she slept her way up the ladder like Kamala. Both having to close their eyes while they did it. Ugh. She must be vying for Michelle’s phony approval. Soon she’ll be writing her own version of “Becoming.” Maybe she’ll call it “First Do No Harm.” After all, she’s a doctor. (Remember their titles are the opposite of them.)

Speaking of Michelle. Women still look up to her? Haven’t they figured her out yet? They have no idea what she is about. She’s a foul-mouthed, angry, radical woman. A news anchor on a local SF station bragged that she read a book over the summer, Becoming, and her co-anchors all oohed and awed. What a joke.

What we’re dealing with here is: we are living around a bunch of idiots. Anyone who voted for Biden has the blood on their hands from those 13 soldiers. If you knew how dumb Biden was and still voted for him, you really have blood on your hands. If you didn’t, then you do by being apathetic. How do you sleep at night? Those 13 soldiers would be alive if Trump was in office. Period. I’m not the first to express this. An anchor on Newsmax said it first, and he was talking to his family members. I wonder where he’ll be spending Thanksgiving?

With covid spreading in liberal towns, I wonder again where and who will be at our table this year. Will we wear masks and be seated six feet apart outside? Will we bring up the debacle in Kabul or ignore the 300 pound gorilla in the room? Joe is so lucky to have job security with his choice of inept Kammie. Well played, Joe. The only thing Joe is good at is surrounding himself with those more inept than himself. From Pippi, to Austin, to Blinkin, to Rice, to Levine, to Kerby to Millie. What a bunch of recycled Obama era losers. But they almost make Biden look normal…Not!


2 thoughts on “Kamala is Joe’s Job Security.

  1. I feel like I’m stuck in a never ending nightmare. There simply aren’t any viable options. The anti-depressants must be flying off the shelves. Never took them in my life, but that may change soon. Not sure if I can last ’til the midterms. That’s not even guaranteed now that the Dems have figured out they can rig elections right under your nose with absolutely no consequences. I don’t think being pissed every day is good for your health.


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