Boy, oh Boy, do We Ever.

Miss him.

This is the second time I’ve posted this video but it seems apropos at this juncture. We have witnessed the current president behaving in the most sociopathic manner with no remorse or guilt that I have ever witnessed in a president in my lifetime. I’m flabbergasted. This guy cannot take the blame for anything.

He has blood on his hands for the death of 13 young soldiers not old enough to rent a car, and he talks about his son who died from cancer at age 46. I’m sick of it. It makes me almost throw up. I can’t stand this president even more than Obama and that’s saying a lot. I can’t stand his wife even more than Michelle and that is also saying a lot. I can’t stand his press secretary Pippi Psaki nor any of his snooty staff. ALL THEY DO IS LIE!

Help get them out of office somehow please, Lord. You must see what is going on. Help us! We need help! I’m waiting for karma to kick in but in the meantime we have to endure the likes of Taliban cheering in the streets mocking us. They are terrorists. How can they be winning? Where’s those election audits?

Biden came to the mic today to declare a successful mission. Are you kidding me? This was his plan all along that he took from Trump, he declares. I can’t handle his lies much longer. Someone has to call out this complete and utter idiot running our country! Someone.

Where’s George W.? I’m serious. Isn’t he mad at all the blood and treasure gone for not in 7 months? Where’s JEB? Where’s Colin Powell to come out against this? Where’s Dick Cheney? At least we heard from Nikki. Trump is really the only one speaking out together with his children and some on Newsmax. I’ve seen more of the back of Biden’s empty head than the front of it lately.

At least this video gives me some comic relief as well as shows us what we’re missing. I think I first posted it in December of 2020. Now it seems even more relevant.


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