Code Pink Remains Suspiciously Silent…

St. Paul - September 1: Code Pink Protesters at the March on the National Republican Convention in St. Paul on September 1, 2008.
Did Biden get out of Afghanistan peacefully?

after the needless death of thirteen soldiers in Kabul. I wonder why? I thought they cared about our boys coming home in coffins. I see, if soldiers die under a Democrat President, they don’t come out. This just proves they were just a political organization against any Republican president. I can assure you if Trump had allowed 13 soldiers to die on his watch, they’d be up in arms in every city across the nation. Shame on Code Pink! They have probably joined the likes of BLM or Antifa at this point. Complete phonies.

And where’s Madonna and Ashley Judd in all this mess? I thought Madonna had dreams of bombing the White House when Trump won. I wonder what her dreams are of now? Sharing ice cream cones with Joey? These are supposed to be the peace-loving Hollyweird types, but they remain silent too. Isn’t it amazing? I haven’t tuned into late night comedy but am sure they have already buried the story of Biden’s debacle or sugarcoated it into a complete success, i.e., “The war has ended!” Except we lost.

Where are all those anti-war Democrats that come out of the woodwork every four years like Warren, Buttigieg, Sanders, Klobuchar, Booker, Steyer, Yang, Bloomberg, Beto, Castro, Bennet, Swalwell, DeLaney, Inslee, Ryan, Hickenlooper, Maryann, and annoying Gillibrand? Where are they in all this? Suspiciously silent. And we can’t even remember half of them, can we? (I had to replay an old debate.)

They all wasted our time debating universal healthcare and racism in our country and turned a blind eye on our soldiers in Afghanistan. They just figured under Trump everything was going so well so under their lead it would be hunky dory too. But it wasn’t. The Taliban grew and grew under weak U.S. leadership (even recruiting members of the Afghan army) and spread across the country in seven months while Biden was taking his nappy and sippy cup. Shame on all of them too, especially shame on Biden.

I weep for the twenty-year anniversary of 9-11 under a Biden presidency. No telling what will happen. Stay home. Don’t fly anywhere that day. And Code Pink, you have blood on your hands for voting for Biden. And for those 39% who think we are on the right path under Biden, that must be some fairy dust you’re smoking or drinking.


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