Biden Gladly Embraces Ida and Caldor, Changing the News Cycle.

I’ve never seen a guy so happy for a New Orleans hurricane that left millions without power and underwater and spread to New York and New Jersey. Biden was so happy, he learned how to spell FEMA. In fact, he spelled it three times during a presser to show us he’s learning. Congrats Joey! You’re such a big boy now. The press treats him like a toddler.

I know Biden has dementia but do the news channels have to go along with it? I turned on all the local news this morning and not one mention of those stranded behind enemy lines in Afghanistan due to Biden’s covering up of an incoming surge of the Taliban that he ignored. Now that the cat’s out of the bag on his deception, the news cycle has diverted to Ida. Ida all day and the Tahoe wildfires.

Being in a lockdown basically because the air outside is toxic, I am very concerned about the fires heading in our direction. I’m wondering since California can’t manage their forests if we should create a new branch of the military to get with the times: Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Space Force, and Wildfire Force.

Men and women trained like army recruits to fight wildfires with all the equipment the government can provide. It’s getting to that point. These wildfires are as deadly and spontaneous as a terror attack and just as hard to fight. And many states are experiencing them. Washington State had one earlier this year. Instead of us throwing money at green energy and electric cars, we should be investing in wildfire prevention. All the solar panels, electric cars, and wind turbines in the world can’t fight a wildfire. And a wildfire will destroy those products in a New York minute leaving charred carcasses in its path.

Also politics are involved in fighting these fires when you leave it up to lame governors of a liberal state to call in for backup. Newsom and Sisolak are in charge of stopping the spread of the Caldor fire and so far it keeps spreading and more towns are getting evacuated. We need an army that doesn’t rely on governors to tell them where, how, and when to act.

Photos] Images From The Caldor Fire As It Burns Through South Lake Tahoe. |  The Washington Newsday
Tahoe ski resort

We need better forest management to begin with and wildfires treated with aerial firefighting helicopters outfitted with equipment that can drop 3,000 gallons of water or fire-retardant chemicals like going to fight a war, sending in all fire extinguishing equipment by air. Thinning the forest during a wildfire is like stopping smoking after you are diagnosed with lung cancer. Too late. Preventive measures must be taken. They are not. Fires in California just spread and last for over a month.

Biden came to the mic and blamed the flooding and California wildfires on climate change, a straw man or boogeyman and said it will get worse and worse. Reality is, in California we used to allow logging which thinned out the forest, but the environmentalists banned logging. They also won’t build new reservoirs or convert saltwater to freshwater. California could use a water pipeline bringing in water from another state. I see telephone lines running straight through oak tree branches in the highly flammable wine country that the environmentalists won’t allow to be trimmed.

All the money Californian taxpayers waste on pet leftist projects could be put toward underground utility lines which would solve this problem. Also the forests need thinning and the forest floors removed of dead debris. But it isn’t and, therefore, one spark and it goes up in flames. We also have the homeless starting campfires that get out of control when it’s windy and the occasional arsonist that just love fire. That together with lightening and wind, our forests will keep burning.

Two days ago Biden had a straw man argument over ending a twenty year war in Afghanistan ignoring the fact that he blew the withdrawal and we lost 13 soldiers. Yesterday he invented another straw man argument about insurance companies not paying for hotels of evacuated victims of Ida. Straw man of this morning’s presser is that productive billionaires and millionaires should pay more taxes than others (they already do) ignoring that his “infrastructure” bill will raise taxes for everyone and we’re already experiencing inflation. Gas prices will soar even more after Louisiana’s hurricane shutdown of the offshore oil rigs.

Offshore oil rig.

“A straw man is a form of argument and an informal fallacy of having the impression of refuting an argument, whereas the real subject of the argument was not addressed or refuted, but instead replaced with a false one. One who engages in this fallacy is said to be “attacking a straw man”. Wikipedia.

This has become Biden’s new method of lying: ignoring the elephant in the room and attacking something everyone agrees with. He’s getting rehearsed by his staff or Jill on how to perform this new method. Everyone knows that when you are displaced from your home due to a natural disaster, your insurance company will pay for a hotel. Biden doesn’t know this as he doesn’t live in the real world. He just needed a straw man to show his toughness. Jill must be advising him on changing his demeanor during pressers. “Act tougher like Trump.” But then he still is not allowed to take questions like a toddler whose mommy told him not to.

Biden loves a new natural disaster to take the news cycle off the disaster of his presidency and especially off of his disaster in Afghanistan. He can run, but he can’t hide from that.


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