“What, Me Worry?”

This is a climate damn emergency,' California's Gavin Newsom says
“What, me worry?”

Albert Einstein famously said, “Doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result is the definition of insanity.” So, therefore, why give Newsom another chance? Are you insane? He should be worried.

California will get what they deserve if they vote “No” to recall Governor Newsom. I don’t want to hear them complain about high gas prices, high property taxes, high state taxes, border crisis, illegal unvaccinated migrants, tent cities, endless wildfires, rent moratoriums, housing shortages, aging roads, the drought, water rationing, drying reservoirs, covid messaging confusion, increasing violence, drug trafficking, filthy sidewalks, vaccine mandates, masked children, climate blame, teaching CRT, carjackings, or riots and legalized looting. Or their latest “paying thugs to not commit violence,” i.e. paying them to obey the law. Wow! Don’t want to hear it.

You’ll get what you pay for if you continue to vote for Newsom and expect different results. He has done nothing to help Californians as he is just a political hack with good hair. He is puppet for Pelosi. They only care about themselves and live by the “rules for thee but not for me” philosophy. While Newsom’s children attend private maskless classrooms, he sets draconian rules for public schools. Nice guy, eh?

And who are the real racists? Larry Elder is getting called every racist name in the book. The LA Times called him a black face white supremacist. Wow! They are playing dirty. But this is who they are. The Democrat Party are the real racists, not the GOP. That is their dirty little secret as I’ve witnessed it first hand. They talk the talk about discrimination of the blacks but don’t walk the walk. They will be the one who doesn’t open their door to the black UPS man or FedEx guy. “Please leave the package on the porch. I can’t come to the door right now.” This is who they are. The real racists.

They will be the ones who continue to vote in Newsom and pretend he’s doing a good job. But Democrats are predominately insane so this is just to be expected. They’ll do anything to keep a Republican out of office as they think they’re evil, even a black Republican. They will bite off their nose despite their face, over and over. The definition of insanity. It’s no wonder why most native Californians have left and more are fleeing in droves. It’s why we did. Just like they’re doing in New York City. Democrat governors ruin the state.

Please vote this self-centered pretty boy out of office. Let him move to Hollyweird and possibly get a role in a movie. After all, he’s been “playing” the role of a governor, why not let him become a real actor? Michael Douglas is aging and needs a replacement. Similar features. Just saying. We need a remake of The Perfect Murder or Basic Instinct.

#recallnewsom #voteElder


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