The Tale of Two News Media.

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One that reports the truth and the others that either bury a story completely, sugarcoat it into something positive, or fabricate falsehoods. For instance, the New York Times recently wrote a headline criticizing Biden’s invoking son Beau with the gold star parents; but when the “woke” department reviewed it, it had to be scratched. They changed it to sound like Biden’s experience with the death of his son helped to commiserate with the parents.

In Invoking Beau, Biden Broaches a Loss That’s Guided His Presidency

Referring to Beau Biden with families of U.S. Marines killed in the Kabul airport bombing drew criticism, but the president remains haunted by memories of a son he described as me, but without all the downsides.” New York Times. (What an insult to his dead son).

If it were Trump invoking his son who died of cancer, not in battle, the press would be raking him over the coals and calling him a narcissist. Which they did anyway for no reason, and he never bragged about his successful children. The double standard of the press is becoming increasingly nauseating.

We aren’t getting the truth from the liberal news media, whether by print or tv; only from conservative news outlets. The liberal media have jumped from Biden’s failure in Afghanistan almost making it sound like a courageous, compassionate mission akin to the successful mission to execute Bin Laden (which Biden opposed).

Let’s be clear: Abandoning Americans behind enemy lines as hostages is not a successful mission. Surrendering a 30 square mile airport to the Taliban that people could have used to leave on their own is not a successful mission. Surrendering 85 billion $$$$ worth of American arsenals, trucks, tanks, surface-to-air torpedoes, helicopters, military clothing, night goggles, and bulletproof vests is not a successful mission. Giving the Taliban a “kill list” is not a successful mission.

Losing 13 soldiers and injuring many more as well as killing 90 Afghans from a suicide bomb is not a successful mission. Sticking to a departure date during the middle of their fighting season is not a successful mission. Claiming success and bravery in a speech on August 31st does not a successful mission make. Just because he says it, doesn’t make it true. And discarding Trump’s plan to withdraw but claiming you were forced to use his plan is not a successful mission; it’s a scapegoat.

Asking the president of Afghanistan to lie about the resurgence of the Taliban is not morally acceptable and is probably impeachable. The corrupt House impeached Trump for much less. Everything Biden did or didn’t do in Afghanistan was 100% wrong including the way he acted at the ceremonial arrival of the coffins. Reading from cheat notes, checking his watch, and talking about Beau was all wrong. He lacks empathy and it shows.

Now some in the media want to bury the Afghanistan debacle and hostages altogether and move on to Ida or the January 6th fake commission or the spread of covid; news items which can’t be blamed on Biden. Make sense, right? Any news anchor that treats the story of Afghanistan and our hostages like it is nothing should be fired. Hannity, Watters, Jeanine, Gutfeld, Ingraham, and Newsmax won’t let it go. And it shouldn’t be let go.

Biden made us look like fools on the world stage for cutting and running with our tails between our legs in Afghanistan. Now we are all sitting ducks for the next terror attack on our shore as we are bringing in unvetted Afghans together with criminals at our border by the droves. When they reassemble via communist Twitter, we’re all in trouble. Masks on children will be long forgotten when that happens.

I already feel like our country is being destroyed daily by Democrat rule in many states from California to New York. It’s hard to turn on the local news and listen to the anchors sugarcoat the foibles of Newsom and Biden with a smiling, straight face.

The liberal media has blood on their hands for scoffing at the story of the rigged election. They are responsible for the 13 soldiers that were killed. Because of their hate-filled bias, we are stuck with an inept, power-hungry, dictator that ignores all good advice from the commanders and uses his feeble, vindictive mind instead. We are all in trouble. Invoke the 25th Amendment already, like Joe invokes Beau.


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