Biden Gets a Pass for Hurricane Ida…

Ida, Katrina similar but tiny differences are key | KUTV
Katrina or Ida?

while Katrina was an albatross hanging around Bush’s neck for eight years. Bush got slammed for flying back from Crawford over New Orleans making a land visit on September 3rd while Biden visited the destruction from Ida in about the same timeline. Just as much destruction has been done by Ida, if not more, but the difference is politics. Bush was a Republican and the media wanted to pin a natural disaster on him. Even the victims of Ida are not calling out Biden; after all, they voted for him. The difference in reaction is staggering.

“Hurricane Ida was the second-most damaging hurricane to strike the U.S. state of Louisiana on record, behind Hurricane Katrina, and is tied for the strongest landfall in the state by maximum winds with Hurricane Laura a year before.” Wikipedia.

I don’t blame Biden for Ida nor Bush for Katrina as all the victims were forewarned in advance. It’s the luck of the draw when a hurricane hits. But it does give us pause as to what we’d do in an all electric car/solar panel/wind turbine world. The solar panels would be blown off the flattened homes, electric cars would not be getting charged due to power outages, and the wind turbines would short out underwater. It is sort of a forewarning to the green new deal enthusiasts that their plan won’t work in the long run.

If gasoline emissions are causing global warming and reducing them will lessen the strength of hurricanes, then why hasn’t it started working yet? There are plenty of electric cars on the road and homes with solar panels. What seems to be the problem? Answer: All the electric cars, solar panels, and wind turbines in the world will not prevent a hurricane as we’ve had them since the beginning of time, long before the boogeyman Al Gore.

So AOC, the bartender, et al are wasting our time and money on a pipedream. We all know that Obama had our scientists fudging the results of ocean temp models in order for them to get grants from the government. This led to automobile dealers having to change the design of their vehicles to meet the new standards of emissions. Trump lessened the regulations somewhat during his term, but they are back on full speed now that Biden is in charge. But at what progress? None really. Proof’s in the pudding.

How ’bout those vehicle charging stations that are underwater? How safe are they right now? How’s the ocean looking with all the discarded masks, rubber gloves, and needles floating around? If anything, the ideas of the environmentalists for helping the homeless, stopping covid, protecting forest wildlife, and preventing climate change are ruining our environment, not making it better. The unintended consequences of good intentions by the left.

There was a video of a bear fleeing the wildfire in Tahoe, stopping every ten feet to lick his paws that got burned from the hot ground he ran across. How’s that for protecting wildlife in the forest? Not so good. And how many raccoons, birds, squirrels, beavers, bunnies, snakes, and foxes survived that fire? If only the environmentalists had allowed the forest to be thinned or logged? If only.

We still get hurricanes, ice storms, wildfires, and tornadoes. Nothing we do seems to change the outcome of the weather or spreading of wildfires. I’ll tell you what will make our air quality worse and that’s allowing our population to increase by millions by inviting migrants to enter our country illegally and relocating Afghans into our country. What? They don’t drive or eat beef?


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