Media Ignores Elder’s Attack by KKK-Like Protester.

Protester poses in gorilla mask with pink hair.

The Democrats, fallaciously known as the party of diversity, compassion, and unity, are the first to attack a Black man running for governor of California. How dare he! So a white female protester dressed in a gorilla mask (racist) throws an egg at Larry Elder’s head and misses, yet she doesn’t get arrested nor do the MSM even care to run the story. In fact, they dismissed it as same ol’ same ol’, let’s move on. This ape lady also swung at the bodyguard of Elder. Is she the white supremacist the FBI and Biden keep warning us about? I wonder. Are the Democrats the real white supremacists?

I will tell you if Larry Elder was a Democrat and the same thing happened it would be front page news and run on all the news stations for a year. (Biden still refers to Charlottesville as the reason he had to run for president.) Or if it were Kamala, Maxine, or any other black Democrat; the media would jump on it as a hate crime, the ape’s identity would be revealed, and arrested by now, labeled a white supremacist. No doubt in my mind.

But it seems anything goes when it’s a Republican running. Look how they treated Trump. I also believe if Trump ran as a Democrat, he’d be a hero in the Democrat Party today even with the same policies that he enacted. But Trump knew what the Democrats believed and couldn’t get onboard.

This double standard needs to stop! It seems like Biden is Hitler now rounding up nonvaccinated people. Soon they will have a scarlet letters UV on their shirts and be banned wherever they go. This is not the America we grew up in. This is not the America we strive to live in. Biden promised he would never shutdown the country to stop covid but would shutdown the virus. Well, I feel this is dividing the country into classes of vaccinated and nonvaccinated. Biden stupidly assumes the unvaccinated are all Republicans, which shows his ignorance. People have the right to refuse vaccines as we have always had.

Biden mandated that all Federal Employees be vaccinated or lose their jobs, except for postal workers. Hmmm. I wonder why that it? Is it because he knows the postal workers handled those pesky mail in ballots and some of them were helping to put Biden in office? Very curious that he is protecting them now. More evidence that the election was stolen.

I choose not to get the flu shot or the pneumonia shot as I’ve had bad reactions to one of them. People have the right to choose not to get the covid shot for the same reason. Biden’s mandates, threats, and berating of nonvaccinated folks is just another reason not to trust this man. He lied about Afghanistan and now he reneged on not forcing vaccines on us. He cannot be trusted. He’s very vindictive against Republicans which is what this is more about. He just asked the Trump appointed members of a Military Oversight Board to resign today or be fired. He’s sick in the head.

Biden has clearly lost control of the spread of covid from mixed messages about the safety of the vaccine which he and Kammie said originally they would not trust, to mixed messaging on whether or not to wear a mask or even if the mask is effective, and lastly by letting in millions of unvaccinated migrants to spread it even more to those Americans who chose not to get vaccinated. Lost control, which was under control and in containment under Trump.

Biden needs to resign and be placed in assisted living as he is becoming the laughing stock of America not to mention across the globe. We need Trump back at the helm. The Democrats call themselves the adults back in charge. Well…if they are adults, I’d rather be led by kindergarteners. The Democrats are the real KKK as evidenced by the gorilla lady, and Biden is trying to take our freedoms away. All in all, the Democrat Party is looking more like something flushing down the white bowl.

Photo by Karolina Grabowska on

Vote Larry Elder. Recall Newsom! If you care about the spread of homeless encampments, you’ll vote to recall Newsom. If you care about the massive wildfires, you’ll vote to recall Newsom. If you care about the draconian covid restrictions, you’ll vote to recall Newsom. If you care about high property taxes, you’ll vote to recall Newsom. If you care about legalized looting or pay-for-no shooting, you’ll vote to recall N. And if you care about hairspray shortages, you’ll vote to recall pretty boy Newsom.

But seriously, if you are happy with the way California is being run, keep Newsom. But remember, repeating the same and expecting a different result is the definition of insanity. Don’t complain, when you get the same.


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