Twenty Years Ago Today…

Smoke billows across the New York City skyline after two hijacked planes crashed into the twin towers on September 11, 2001.
Never Forget.

I awoke to witness on tv the most devastating attack on our country in my lifetime akin to the infamous Pearl Harbor Attack which I had heard about but was not born yet. Also akin to the news of JFK getting assassinated while I was in class in high school. Those days will never be forgotten as we were blindsided.

We had just elected a new President, George W. Bush, and all that that entails with hanging shags and recounts after four years of debating Bill Clinton’s sexcapades in the Oval Office. Our country was in turmoil over that election almost as it is twenty years later with the suspect election of 2020. At the time, a Democrat congressman’s mistress and intern, Chandra Levy, was missing and all the D.C. police were searching for her. Her body was found much later. My point is, we were distracted around the time of 9-11 with less important issues which may have led us to not spotting suspicious looking guys wearing turbans boarding our planes. Today alone, passengers would point them out to authorities. They must have been wearing turbans, sweating profusely, checking the boxcutters in their pockets, and pacing.

When I turned on FOX News as I did most mornings to watch News Anchor, Bridget Quinn, I saw one of the World Trade Centers with smoke coming out of it. I immediately thought it was from a small plane that hit, as we were innocent to terror attacks before that day.

We had smaller attacks on the USS Cole and the underground garage of the World Trade Center which we had dismissed, but nothing to this extent. But as I was watching this “accident” live on tv it slowly turned into something that would have a lasting effect on our country for years to come. Another plane hit the other twin tower! A much bigger plane! In that instant, I knew we were under attack. We were at war. We had been blindsided just like Pearl Harbor. I had lived through the Viet Nam War but it was never on our shores. The hairs on my arms stood up, as I realized then the future lives of my children would be changed from here on out, whether they knew it or not. Everything would change.

As we were in the midst of retiling our master bath twenty years ago today, I am back to square one retiling my master bath in a different home. Although it seems nothing has changed in twenty years, everything has changed. Society has changed. Traditional values have changed. Our youth of America have really changed. Some of them seem numb to death and destruction. Young folks are being taught in school to forget the past as it was nothing more than a disagreement between religions. “We are an imperialist country. We think we are better than other countries. We live in a systemic racist country,” they are taught in school and by our current occupant of the White House. They are not taught to be proud of our American Flag but rather to honor a rainbow flag and a BLM flag. Ridiculous!

They are taught about political correctness of everything from pronouns to nationality terms and humor especially when it comes to foreigners. We can’t say Oriental any longer only Asian. Even saying Chinese or Japanese is taboo. I get corrected today if I call someone Chinese. “Say Asian,” they’ll whisper to me. I respond, “No, there’s nothing wrong with the term Chinese.” It would be akin to saying Norwegian is not PC, we must say Scandinavian. Ridiculous and I won’t change. And we went eight years without being able to say Radical Islamic Terror under Obama/Biden. Even Seinfeld episodes are considered politically incorrect and Jerry finds it difficult to do standup comedy in college settings. They don’t laugh.

These terrorists may have a problem with our western way of life and beliefs but we never came after them for theirs. It was a one sided war until twenty years ago today when we were blindsided. That day changed me to become more vigilant of my surroundings. I rarely fly, only as a necessity on rare occasions. I don’t even leave the house on 9-11. Those terrorists put a fear in me that will live on until I’m gone despite that the college professors are teaching our youth to forget.

I learned later that my neighbors lost their oldest son in the second tower to be hit. His son had just started his career; a high school football star, college graduate, and unmarried. He had his whole life ahead of him. He was the only victim of that attack from our town. His funeral had people standing outside all the way to the bottom of the steps of the church. Strangers from across the county came out to honor his fateful death.

We are also back to square one after a twenty-year war in Afghanistan. We left our marbles and went home. We gave up on defending terror in their country and allowed the Taliban to restructure. This is all on Biden, Milley, Austin, Blinkin, and Harris’s conscience. Hope to God we don’t have to experience another one of these attacks on our soil again.

Prayers to those innocent people who died on September 11, 2001, and their grieving survivors. We will never forget. Nor should we.


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