The “Mean Girls” of Politics.

Mean Girls' Broadway Musical Movie: Release Date, Cast, More
Barack, Hillary, Michelle, Joe.

We’ve all experienced the mean girls mentality but why are the leaders and former leaders of our country now behaving like spoiled mean girls? What do I mean by this? Former presidents such as Obama, Bush, Carter, Clinton, and former candidates for president such as Hillary, Biden, Romney, and former McCain are/were all part of the Mean Girls Club. Sarah Palin is the only sane one in the group. Never underestimate the power of a candidate scorned.

During the 9-11 ceremonies this weekend it was quite noticeable that one former president was missing from the group. It was President Donald J. Trump and his beautiful wife, Melania. Why is that? Because poor losers like Hillary, Obama, and Biden can’t stand to be around the winner of the 2016 election as well as the real winner of the 2020 election. They are poor sports. If Biden had won this last election fair and square, he should hold his head up high with pride. But he didn’t, and it shows in his affect and body language as well as in the other mean girls around him. They all look guilty of having their hands in a shady election as well as playing part in the origins of covid.

This disrespect for a former president should be unconstitutional but this administration doesn’t care about our constitution; in fact, they’d like to abolish it along with the supreme court. They are doing everything in their power to upend our democracy (which they are always ballyhooing about) and our constitution, law and order, and criminal justice system. Never in my lifetime have I witnessed such disrespect for a former president who actually won his election fair and square with no hanging shags nor mail in ballots nor dominion voting machines. They treated Nixon with more respect.

They are jealous of all the accomplishments that Trump achieved in his short stint as president with no former experience as a politician and want to dismiss him like he never existed. I find this behavior appalling if not bordering on sociopathic. Thus why Biden abolished or ignored every successful executive order and bill that Trump signed while president even ignoring some that he couldn’t abandon. They are human wrecking balls. Look what they’ve done to our border. Look how they left Afghanistan. Look how other countries perceive us now, as weak cowards. Look what has happened to women’s sports and rights. Look what they’ve done to our gas prices. Look how inflation is rising. Look at your taxes going up. Look how crime and gun shootings have increased. Look what they’ve done to our school children. Look at the 3 trillion $$$$$ pork-filled infrastructure bill they are trying to cram down our throats. All on Biden. 100%.

But what do these former presidents and current one care? It’s all about revenge and being mean, thus the mean girls mentality. Even George W. Bush is jealous because Trump beat out his brother early on in the 2016 election, ending the Bush dynasty. JEB thought he was next in line. I guess George thought he was too. But JEB looked and acted like a big baby on stage and our country doesn’t need babies running it. We need tough guys like Trump. Now we have a weak, inept, compromised president that everything he touches goes to shit.

I’m personally ashamed of the likes of the Obamas, Bushes, Bidens, Romneys, and McCain’s. For an administration that ran on bringing dignity and soul back to the White House, they have failed big time. I see no dignity coming from Joe or his “doctor” wife. I see just the opposite. They have shown no empathy for fallen soldiers or abandoned hostages, no dignity at the coffin arrival, and no respect for former holders of the office of the presidency. Neither does Pippi Psaki nor Pelosi.

All and all, I am ashamed of the way our country is being run and who is leading it. This jealousy of a former president is conduct unbecoming. The sooner we get these mean girls out of office the better, starting with Gavin Newsom. He’s a girly mean girl if I’ve ever seen one. And now he has the biggest wuss of them all heading to California to stump for him. He must be desperate. There’s no way Biden would show his face unless he thinks Newsom is winning so he can take credit for the win. He always wants to take credit. Once a plagiarizer always a plagiarizer, I guess. Another mean girl characteristic spawned by jealousy.

Vote the mean girls out!


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