He Can Run, But He Can’t Hide…

Joe Biden Running in Pittsburg - Jogging Joe Biden

from Afghanistan. He owns it. One of the biggest foreign blunders at the helm of Biden in U.S. History. He sent Blinkin to the firing squad today to take the blame at the House Foreign Affairs Committee. Trouble was, the Democrats on the committee curiously seemed to forget that Biden has been president for eight months! Based on their questions, you’d think Trump was running the show in the State Department because Blinkin and the Dems put all the blame on Trump.

It was classic. When in doubt, blame Trump. I can only assume that Trump was a very influential president after all. Amazing! Apparently Trump would have left Americans behind on enemy soil and the military would have cut and run. They even blamed the 13 soldiers killed by a suicide bomber on the ISIS prisoners released from prison under Trump’s plan. It was hard to watch. Blinkin avoided the question about Biden asking president of Afghanistan to tell the people that the Taliban weren’t spreading across his country and soon to take over. It was better optics for Biden. That fact somehow got buried in the question and answer session.

A few GOP congressmen were able to nail Blinkin and asked him to resign. He was arrogant and kept patting the State Dept. on the back taking credit where none was deserved. This is who are running our country right now. A bunch of selfaggrandizing, academic blame-Trumpers. Pathetic. They should have stayed in their academia jobs indoctrinating wide-eyed college students. We ain’t fallin’ for it.

But this administration cannot have it both ways. Either Trump gave them a plan that was doomed to fail but they followed it to the letter or Trump left them without a plan only a date of withdrawal. But they seem to be playing both cards as they have testified to both. He also lied under oath that no Americans were denied permission to leave the country by the state. 100% falsehood. I suspect Trump left them his plan that was to be carried out before May 1st during nonfighting season and this administration scoffed at it but rather did their own thing to try to take credit for ending the war closer to the anniversary of 9-11. In fact, their original departure date was 9-11.

So Biden can run, but he can’t hide from his failure in Afghanistan. He can blame his State Department, the military, the Afghans, or even Trump and climate change, but no one is buying it. The buck stops with lying Biden. This will stick with him throughout his term. Thus why college age students are chanting “**ck Joe Biden” at football games. A little late to the party, but nonetheless refreshing.

Lastly, the botched Afghanistan withdrawal is 13 times worse than the non-insurrection of January 6th, as we lost 13 soldiers due to incompetence of the leaders that had full warning that an attack was imminent and took no precautions. In fact, they left it in the hands of the Taliban. That’s incompetency. I don’t want to hear one twit about January 6th from here on out! Maybe today the senate will have the guts to ask why ignore an imminent threat.


One thought on “He Can Run, But He Can’t Hide…

  1. They are trying their best to divert the attention of America away from their major screw up, but it’s not working. The Biden presidency is in free fall, and nothing is going to stop it. They rolled out the vaccine mandate knowing it would never work and end up in front of SCOTUS, but they only did it to take the attention off of Afghanistan. Democrats are much better at managing news cycles than the nation. That’s how they roll. The Biden administration is the largest assembly of morons we have ever seen in government, and that’s a big statement, there’s a lot of morons in D.C. If morons could fly capitol hill would be an international airport.


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