Former President and Wife Conspire to Frame Trump.

Hillary Clinton | Biography, Politics, & Facts | Britannica
Till jail do they part?

This is what it boils down to. Now that a lawyer for the Clintons gets indicted, who do we think paid him to start a rumor about Russia Collusion? The Clintons, of course. Who paid Christopher Steele for the phony dossier? The Clintons, of course. Who asked Comey for a favor to spread the rumor? The Clintons, of course. Who recommended friend and colleague Mueller to start the fake probe? Comey, of course.

Why do we have to play dumb all the time? The FBI has known about this scheme all along. They were part of it! McCabe, Comey, Stzok, Page, Orh and Nellie, anyone? Come on, man! We’re not stupid. We can put two and two together. Durham doesn’t have the guts to indict who was really behind the Russia Collusion fake Mueller Probe. Instead he picks off low hanging fruit campaign lawyer Michael Sussman to save face and imply that the Clintons were behind the 30 to 50 million $$$$ scheme to frame the Trump Campaign.

Notice how Durham has waited for the statutes of limitations to run out? You don’t think this was his plan all along? Let the time to indict run out so they can’t go after Hillary and Bill. Durham is a coward along with Bill Barr and Jeff Sessions. They all had their chance to get the Clintons but blackmail and bribery is a strong deterrent. Just ask Nancy Pelosi.

Former presidents cannot behave in this manner. Bill and Hill did this together with the help of the (everything we did was by the book) Obamas et al (Rice, Valerie, Joe). None of them wanted Trump anywhere near the Oval Office. Trump was their enemy. Trump was the one who forced Obama to come up with a forged U.S. birth certificate rather than one from Thailand. And Obama will never forgive him for that. Later the forger turns up dead. Coincident? You decide.

These two partners in crime (Foster, White Water, Broderick, Lewinski, Benghazi, Epstein, Weinstein) are up to their eyeballs in corruption along with the Bidens (Reade, pay for play, Ukraine, China, Hunter) and Obamas (Benghazi, Fast and Furious, Bergdahl, Iran bribe). Six peas in a fraud. What’s always baffled me is how the media paints Michelle as sweet and savvy and Barack as intelligent and honest and Joe as caring and sympathetic and Jill as smart and classy, when the complete opposite it true. So whatever the impression the media tries to force down our throats, the opposite is usually true.

I’d love to see Hillary locked up for all that she’s done; but let’s be clear, Bill was just as guilty as her. Because behind every strong woman is a man. You can’t indict one without the other. And we’ve never put a former president in jail, so there’s that. The prosecutors are stymied due to Bill being a former president; and, therefore, rendering Hillary untouchable.


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