Who is Providing Food and Water for Haitian Migrants Amassing at our Border??

U.S. starts mass expulsion of Haitian migrants from Texas border town - CBS  News
America looking more like a third world country.

We’ve all seen these shocking photos of the invasion of illegal Haitian migrants lying around under a bridge along our border in Texas unless you watch CNN. But what are they eating? Thousands of migrants had settled underneath a bridge in Del Rio, Texas, in the heat where essentials such as food, water, and restrooms were scarce. Did they bring enough food to last? Of course not. Someone is providing them with food and water, and I suspect it is the state. How can we afford to feed tens of thousands of foreigners along our border when we have our own homeless starving in the streets of San Francisco and Austin? This is outrageous.

Biden is the worst leader of our country probably in history. His speech today at the UN was nothing more than vague, lofty, academia speak probably written by Obama. He took no blame for his failure in Afghanistan rather claiming he is the first president in 20 years that is not in a war. Oh, that claim will come back to bite him in the ass. He also didn’t mention this crisis at the border nor tell immigrants to stop coming here! He failed by not addressing this crisis in his speech to other nations.

He creates manmade disasters of epic proportions then ignores them. He is a very vindictive person by nature and is ruling with punitive actions against red state governors in particular and will blame Trump at every turn. Something is seriously wrong with him. He speaks of “dignity, soul, and unity” in his speeches but actions speak louder than words. There’s no unity, soul, or dignity in what is going on in Afghanistan or at our borders. The complete opposite is true.

I suspect in the near future we will be seeing these migrants (who were incentivized to come here by Biden) die from heat exhaustion, starvation, and disease. Bodies will be piling up. Several women have given birth. How will their babies survive? Will the media cover the story? No. This is what a real super spreader looks like as these migrants have had no vaccines not even for measles. We are in big trouble if they spread out into our society.

Biden and Harris do not want to be associated with the inhumane cesspool at our border or the ruthless killings in Afghanistan. They only want to be credited for successes; unfortunately, they’ve had none. Everything they touch goes to shit, literally. Where are all the migrants relieving themselves? Probably in the river or in the sand. Must smell nice there. The governor will probably have to bring in rows of porta-potties and food trucks soon. Thanks Biden. Where’s FEMA? This is a major manmade disaster caused by Biden.


One thought on “Who is Providing Food and Water for Haitian Migrants Amassing at our Border??

  1. According to Lara Logan, the Haitians coming across our borders aren’t coming directly from Haiti, instead, from Brazil, and other south American cities that took them in after the previous big earthquake several years ago. According to her, they are merely taking the opportunity, that would not normally be available. The reality is that the Feds have no freaking idea who is coming across our borders. So much for Homeland Security.


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