Snarky Psaki Avoids Questions on the Border Crisis.

Prankster Posing as White House Reporter Duped Press Corps Into Relaying  Questions to Press Sec

Not only does she avoid them, but deflects by asking the questioner a question in true sociopathic manner. “Why do you ask such a thing?” She asks Doocey who wants to know if Biden has ever visited the border. “He relies on his years of experience to evaluate the situation at our border which was the result of poor immigration plans.” A snide reference to the previous administration, which is a lie.

She is so embarrassed by what is happening around the globe that she has resorted to snarky answers like a petulant child. She is worthless as a press secretary while she turns the pages of her binder in a frantic attempt to have an answer jump out at her that makes even a little bit of sense. And the fake news about the border police on horses whipping the Haitians is nothing more than horseshit intended to deflect from the real inhumanity and squalor at the cesspool border created by Biden’s policies, not Trump’s.

The Haitians that were scheduled to be sent back to Haiti are now being dispersed among Dallas and other cities. Talk about a super spreader. The Haitians attacked the bus drivers and border patrol when they thought they were being sent back to Haiti and our administration had to relent and keep them here. Spoiled children are the ruling class of America. If they don’t get their way, they have a hissy fit and Biden caves like a cheap suit like he did with Hunter his whole life.

Poor parenting begets poor adults and that is what we are dealing with from The Squad to the rest of the Biden Academia Administration. A bunch of former or current college professors, community organizers, or bartenders running our country. They’ve never ran anything before. HELP!

Biden makes another attempt at a joke that you may be shocked to know that I’m over the age of 65. Really? He looks and acts like someone in his 90s. He probably doesn’t even remember how old he is. He’s a bumbling, stumbling Mr. Magoo on his best day. Biden cheats on his taxes and cheats in elections. He lies about the border and lied about Hunter. Anyway…I’m not kidding…it’s not hyperbole…come on mannot a joke...I’m going to get in trouble…are his go to phrases.

Secret Lab | Mr. Magoo | Boomerang Africa - YouTube

Today he pretended to take questions from the press but rather took two questions then went on a rambling incohesive speech about God knows what taking up all the time. Then we saw the back of his head as he scooted out leaving the press corps screaming behind.

Greg Kelly played a video of lying Jill and Joe reminiscing about their first date. Except Jill left out the part that she was married and her husband was friends with Joe and she sneaked off to Joe’s house on the ruse that she was babysitting his boys. Her husband thought it was suspicious and soon found out that they were having an affair. Jill implied to us that she was single when she meant Joe. That should say it all. She’s everything I hate in some women. She’s a gold-digging, homewrecking mistress. She traded up; but in my opinion, traded down, big time. But they are of like minds. Karma is a b**ch and will be coming to collect soon.

The grass may have been greener on the other side of the fence but is about to turn brown. Jill may be known as the First Lady of the Worst President in U.S. History. Nice going Jill. Bet you wish you would have stayed with your first husband about now. Life is like a poker game; in the end we all have to show our cards.


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