“They Will Pay!” Threatens Biden in a Sinister Tone.

The Righteous Anger of Joe Biden | The New Republic
Biden angry at the wrong people.

“Who will pay?” you ask. The commander that took out innocent children and civilians with a drone attack on a Toyota Corolla in Afghanistan in an attempt to retaliate for the 13 soldiers killed? Or does he mean the Defense Department for screwing up the timing of his withdrawal from Afghanistan leaving thousands of allies and Americans behind as well as 85 billion of our military equipment? Or does he mean those responsible for allowing tens of thousands of Haitians to invade our border and amass under a bridge setting up makeshift tents in squalor? Or does he mean China for unleashing a deadly virus on the world? Or does he mean the W.H.O. for covering and lying for China preventing us from early warning of the virus? Or does he mean the New York Post or Politico for confirming the authenticity of Hunter’s laptop emails?

No, to all of the above. He wants to punish border police for doing their job protecting our border from migrants crossing over the river into our country. So Biden is at war with our police. Apparently students at ASU are at war with our police too. What is happening in our country when the ones protecting us from crime are the ones being punished and vilified?

Biden has instilled this fear of police in Americans whereby they think the police are our enemies. They are not. Police risk their lives everyday going into rescue people in car fires, house fires, hostage situations, robberies in process, break ins, kidnapping, and highway accidents. Everything they do is risky. Yet, our youth and Biden think they are racist. That’s all they think. Police are racist and out to hurt us. So sad.

Since when is Biden the judge and jury for our border police? What happened to “innocent until proven guilty?” Biden has already convicted them and taken them off the force. Biden is a disgrace to America and should be removed from office before he does anymore damage to the relations in our country. He is the opposite of a unifier. He’s a Divider in Chief. He pits vaccinated against non vaccinated, masked against unmasked, blacks against whites, Republicans against Democrats, straights against gays, transgenders against women. By the end of his term he’ll have everyone hating each other because he hates himself.

Hate starts within ourselves and spreads to others. We don’t know when Biden began to hate himself. It could have been after losing two or three presidential elections as he thought he deserved to be on the ticket. It could have been after losing his wife and daughter in a fatal car crash. Even after Obama chose him to be VP, he wasn’t satisfied. He wanted to be on the top of the ticket. When he decided to run again after Hillary’s loss to Trump, he recruited all his drones to do the dirty work for him even allowing a bioweapon to be released. (Word still out on who was behind it.) He also tried to tarnish Trump’s presidency with fake investigations of Russia collusion and Ukraine bullying. None of which were true. He was just deflecting from the news of FBI’s possession of Hunter’s laptop from hell.

When that wasn’t enough he had to rig the election with a multitude of methods too numerous for biased governors to figure out or the biased courts for that matter. He had all his drones across America helping him from election workers, Pelosi, BLM, postal workers, Antifa, Soros, the media, social media, the Deep State, and Democrat governors. They all worked in concert to make sure Trump lost the second term. Word still out on who won yet. Even having a go at him after the election with a staged “insurrection” which they blamed on Trumpers.

Stealing is not winning, so Biden still hates himself and will continue to punish us. Let’s get him out of office ASAP for failure to protect America from foreign invaders.


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