Only Leftist and Progressive Activists Confront Politicians in Elevators, Restaurants, Restrooms, and Boats.

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It’s not happening on both sides nor is it part of the process, like Joey says. We all remember how these activists chased Press Secretary, Sarah Huckabee, and her family out of a restaurant. We also all remember how Maxine Waters and Obama told them to get in our faces at gas stations or whatever. Well…they’ve been getting away with this for years now and may be part of THEIR process, but not ours.

Intimidation is the name of their game. They can’t win shit on their merits alone, so they use scare tactics. They’ve intimidated Mitch McConnell out in front of his house. They’ve intimidated Rand Paul and his wife on the streets of D.C. They’ve intimidated A.G. Barr, Jon Roberts, Kavanaugh, and Barrett. This is NOT part of the process nor standard operating procedure.

They’ve been rioting in the streets for four years in an attempt to intimidate the 2020 election for president. Whether they call themselves BLM, Antifa, RESIST, metoo, timesup, or the Prochoice movement, they are all pushy, violent, and intimidating. We all see it but the media covers for them by calling them peaceful demonstrations. They tore down statues, defiled our streets with paint, burned down police stations, burned police cars, burned restaurants and businesses, and took over downtown streets with no outcry from the progressive politicians. They are a modern day mafia that extorts money and instills fear in exchange for politicians’ and people’s favorable votes. And yes, some of them were part of the intimidation of congress during the counting of electoral votes on January 6th. If past is prologue, of course, they were involved.

In fact, Kammie Harris took donations to bail out these felons from jail all last year. All part of the process? I think not. Only part of THEIR playbook to steal, bribe, and blackmail politicians to vote in their favor. So when the press secretary and Joey say this happens on both sides. It’s a pile of manure. Don’t believe a word they say. Now moderate Democrats like Manchin and Sinema are threatened by their own party, and parents from both sides standing up for the rights of their children at school board meetings are labeled domestic terrorists by the FBI. Insanity.

“Next they come for you and there was no one left to speak out for you.” This is where they’re at. They’re eating their own. Why? Because they never stood up for the GOP when they got attacked by the crazy activists. So the activists grew stronger and more powerful. Now the moderates with some sort of common sense have become the target of the crazy far left-wing activists. Watch them cave.


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