Be Afraid. Be Very Afraid…

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of your School Board? They may just call the Feds in to have you arrested if you don’t agree with the Biden Administration’s critical race theory or mask and vaccine mandates of our children. DOJ Garland has now made it criminal to voice your concern at a school board meeting. He has labeled concerned parents “domestic terrorists”.

So let’s break this down: Harassing and following a senator into a bathroom and filming her is part of the process but going to a school board meeting and speaking out for our children is terrorism. Got it!

Never in all my life has the FBI been involved in school policy to this degree. This cowardly DOJ is nothing more than a Pitbull for Biden and his draconian and punitive approaches to everything. Thank God he never became a supreme court justice, as he has no mind or scruples of his own. He’s a wimp in the true sense of wimp. He’s supposed to be representing the people, not Biden. Biden knows he’s failing as president and seems to be on a scorched earth mission to ruin the entire country for decades, starting with our children—the future of America. And where the hell is Kamala Harris? Anyone…anyone? MIA.

Biden has no economic sense. He thinks his pork spending and amnesty bill will cost “zero.” Maybe in his empty brain it will cost zero, but not in reality. Reality is big corporations do have many loopholes to prevent paying taxes, like huge write offs to charities. Until those are removed from the tax law, corporations like Facebook will still pay little taxes. But Biden thinks we don’t know this. He thinks saying “those earning below $400,000 a year will have no tax increase!” Malarkey! He’s also claiming this bill will pay for the deficit that Trump ran up. But Trump was paying for an emergency pandemic which Fauci, Obama, and others may have been part of. Word’s still out on that.

Small S Corporations will either layoff employees or cut their salaries, and individual taxes will have to be increased. Ironically, Joey and Hunter have been hiding income for years to prevent the IRS from finding out where it comes from (influence peddling). But We the People have to be punished for their behavior. Biden won’t be happy until everyone that thinks he stole the election is either jailed or put in the poor house.

Biden’s bill, which he claims he wrote himself (don’t make me laugh), is nothing more than a bill to repay all those unions that helped him rig the election. PERIOD. He even admitted it when he said, “I’m paying you back for helping me [cheat] to win.” If that’s not an admission of guilt, I don’t know what is. Maybe the DOJ should be investigating voter fraud instead of parents at school board meetings.

Where are the women’s movement groups to protect our girls in school from being brainwashed by Facebook and CRT? They have become suspiciously silent because they can’t go against the socialist agenda of the green new deal of Biden and AOC. And since when should preschool be free? We had to pay for our kids’ preschool. Why does this generation get college loans dismissed and preschool freebies? Are we raising a generation of freeloaders (as my grandfather used to call them)? No wonder they prefer living in tent cities on the dole. No ambition to earn a living.

This whole country is going to hell in short order because of Biden; and no one is stopping it. We need to shutdown Facebook and Twitter altogether, fire shady school board administrators, enforce election integrity rules, close our borders, reinstate border laws that were in place, and finish building the wall just for starts. This alone will save our country from the abyss we’re falling into.

But still be very afraid of your school board until the aforementioned happens. You may just find yourself behind bars with those pesky, horned rally goers of January 6th.


2 thoughts on “Be Afraid. Be Very Afraid…

  1. That’s when parents should jerk their kids out of public school and do homeschooling. I understand that it’s not always feasible. However, it seems to be the only thing left to do. If we can’t use our voices, we’ll use our FEET instead. Let’s have a mass exodus from public schools!

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  2. Having read this I believed it was very enlightening. I appreciate you taking the time and energy to put this information together. I once again find myself spending a significant amount of time both reading and leaving comments. But so what, it was still worthwhile!


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