America is Like a Bathtub with a Running Faucet.

Photo by Olena Yelisieieva on
DGA Quarterly Magazine | Spring 2010 | Shot to Remember - Fatal Attraction
Tub in Fatal Attraction: Symbolic of our overflowing borders.

Eventually it overflows! And you know what happens when the floor cannot hold the weight of all that excess water? The tub goes crashing through the floor down through the ceiling of the first floor like in the movie The Money Pit. Only America will soon be the money pit as it is the attraction of America to migrants that will be fatal to us.

We can’t afford this continuous flow of millions of primitive natives coming into our country that the government will have to feed and care for. Some are actually crossing over and giving birth to instant citizens, which I think this law needs to be readdressed at some point. Crossing illegally and giving birth does not a citizen make! We have to turn off the spigot! Social security is for working Americans when they retire, not for illegals crossing our border.

It goes without saying, but someone has to point it out that all the migrants crossing the border illegally are primitive natives from third world countries that speak their own language. There’s not a fair-skinned, English-speaking one in the bunch. Not trying to sound racist. It’s just an observation that no news anchors are willing to address for fear of being cancelled. No Irish, Swedish, or Italians are crossing over our border illegally. Is this the intent of the Biden Administration to dilute our country until the white race is no longer the majority but rather soon to become the minority? It’s a self-loathing mission. I know he hates himself.

Biden, tv ads, and Netflix seem to want to reflect this too. European explorers like Leif Erickson and Christopher Columbus discovered North America (although it’s not PC to say that any longer). Then Europeans migrated here legally like my Norwegian grandparents and paid their dues to become honest citizens, learn to speak English, and get real jobs not like these invaders at our southern borders expecting handouts when they cross the border.

My one grandfather retired from the railroad company and the other started his own lumber company passed down to his sons. Hardworking immigrants that appreciated and built up America then sent their sons into war to fight for our country. They gave birth to what we used to call The American Dream which is slowly becoming a nightmare. Not like today’s migrants. They don’t deserve to be on the dole or become citizens like Biden wants them to be. Biden just wants to flood our country with South Americans, Asians, Afghans, Middle Easterners, and Haitians in the hopes that they will keep the Democrats in power for decades.

Let’s stop playing dumb, we all know plenty of illegals voted in the 2020 election with impunity. All they had to do was mail in a ballot with no questions asked. No ID or signature verification. And the corrupt election workers willingly accepted their ballots. After all, they voted for phony Biden. It’s all a scam by the leftists together with the media who keeps propping up this “Capricorn One president” doing the dirty work for Marxists and Socialists. I’m half expecting Elliott Gould to appear on the scene to expose Biden for who he really is.

They want a continuous flow at our borders to dilute our population. Descendants of Europe will soon be outnumbered by descendants of third world countries and the middle east. And notice they are surreptitiously spreading these invaders out across America especially into swing states and red states to effect the next election. All part of a bigger plan to cheat again in 2022.

Turn off the spigot! Close the borders for good. Force Biden out of office. This nonsense has gone on long enough. Enough is enough!


2 thoughts on “America is Like a Bathtub with a Running Faucet.

  1. You’re absolutely correct on all counts. I follow a blogger called Stately McDaniel Manor, and he just published a blog a few days ago, and included the findings from the Maricopa County election audit. It’s eye opening. If you Don’t follow the guy you should, he writes some great stuff. Keep up the good work.


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