Clueless Reporter Changes Wording of “F*** Joe Biden” Chant.

And we ask ourselves, “Is the media in the tank for Joe?” This proves it. Either the sports interviewer is hard of hearing or she’s clueless to what is going on at college games. I suspect the latter, so she heard what she wanted to hear. But if neither, she is part of the problem of news networks suppressing or changing the story.

Let’s face it, “Let’s go Brandon” is much more cheerful-sounding to the snowflake reporter. But we are living in a country that doesn’t feel too cheerful about the way we left Afghanistan allies and Americans behind to be tortured. We might as well have left them with the Mexican Drug Cartel. And we all know what they do.

But this is the world we are living in now where the media controls what we hear and even what we see. It is communist America. Look at the mock office they have set up for Biden when he reads his teleprompter speeches. Look what they did to the story of the Border Police on horses which they now have to backtrack without looking insane. Look how they told us that they took out a car full of terrorists in Afghanistan with a drone but it was only civilians and children. That screwup alone should be frontpage news for months, much like the Charlottesville story they tried to pin on Trump. But it’s not.

Look at today’s story of why Southwest Airlines had to cancel 1800 flights. It wasn’t due to weather like the news tried to pawn off on us, it was because of vaccine mandate walkouts of pilots, stews, and air traffic controllers. Biden and his draconian rules are putting our lives in danger. Look what they did before the presidential election by calling the laptop from hell just Russia disinformation and the stupid people believed it. I used to call them gullibles, now they are just stupid. Remember when Biden fell three times on the steps to Airforce One and the press said it was due to high winds.

Remember when the media falsely reported that Officer Sicknick was hit in the head with a fire extinguisher at the rally and the White House ran with the false story for weeks even having a special memorial for him when he died days later from “undisclosed causes?” That could be code for “they took him out because he knew too much.” However, they ignored the death of Ashli Babbitt who was murdered at the scene by a Capitol Police Officer! Remember when they erected fences around the Capitol for months after the rally as a photo op only so the FBI could say domestic terror from white nationalists [Trump supporters] is our No. 1 threat? All for show.

Nothing we see or hear from this Administration will be true from now on. Whenever they fear that the real truth is being exposed, the DOJ weaponizes the Feds against anyone reporting it, even school parents. Pippi Longstocking Psaki will soon be called Pinocchio Psaki. The public is slowly opening their eyes to what this administration along with the media is doing and what they have done like helping to rig an election. One could only hope.

Biden who ran on “decency, dignity, soul, and transparency” is just the opposite. “Tell me lies, tell me sweet little lies” by Fleetwood Mac should be his theme song if he ever holds another rally that no one will show up at.

Happy Columbus Day!


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