If a “Job is More Than a Paycheck, it’s About Dignity,”…

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why in the world would the Biden Administration incentivize perfectly healthy workers to sit home on their couches while there’s 1-1/2 jobs out there for every unemployed person? Plenty of businesses are suffering from staffing shortages to keep it running like the shipping and unloading industry, restaurants, retail stores, hotels, police, and hospitals. There are “Help Wanted” signs everywhere. No one wants to work.

Why is that? They’d rather collect their unemployment checks, live off their relatives, or sleep in a tent? Who knows the reason. But sending these freeloaders a check every month doesn’t help. It has only made a generation of lazy kids. Especially when employers are hiring back and desperate to get qualified help. Even Amazon has to incentivize workers to come back with freebies of cash and college. It’s sickening to me.

I can remember when I got my first real job and my paper paycheck; in fact, I have saved every check stub from every paycheck I got back then. It was more than a paycheck, like Biden has said. It is the only truth Biden has ever told. I have stacks of stubs from The Emporium, CALTRANS (formerly known as Division of Highways), Bank of America, PG&E, County of Marin…and many more. Point is, kids of today are not being raised to know what it feels like to hold a job, be responsible, proud, and self-sufficient. My mother’s nickname for me was “Big working girl.” It sounded cute back then but means a lot to me now. I think she wanted me to be married earlier like she had been; but since I wasn’t, I worked. Thus the nickname.

Fear has a lot to do with workers not returning to their jobs. They don’t want to catch covid and also don’t want to wear a mask while sitting at an office desk or greeting customers. This Fauci character carries much of the blame as he has put so many mixed messages out there, workers don’t know what to do. Easier to sit home until the “pandemic” has subsided. Three of my family members still work from home as their employer has not required them to return yet. Their employers are fearful of being sued if one employee catches covid while at work. So there’s another reason businesses are suffering as well.

None of this would be happening if Trump were still president. He would have shut off the spigot of freebies and stimulus checks long ago forcing these freeloaders off the couch. Tough love is what this country needs and Biden is not tough. He’s weak and has proven it by the way he left Afghanistan. Weak, fake, and foolish are words that come to mind. Biden needs to resign. No one likes him any longer.

There’s another reason some folks don’t wish to return to work as some employers are requiring them to be vaccinated. This is a personal choice and our health questions should be private. What ever happened to the HIPPA Laws? They sort of went by the wayside with everything else this administration got rid of. Let’s do Kamala.

She is a caricature of herself, animated, goofy, dimwitted, and incompetent. She’d make a great cartoon character or a news anchorwoman like Katie Couric. But a VP? Not so much. We need serious people running our country. How in the world she became a prosecutor at one point in her life baffles me. She is so scatterbrained, I find it hard to believe. Biden doesn’t even want to be seen with her now and that says a lot. It was a gift, her being chosen as VP. I thought it would be Michelle as they had to pick a woman, but Obama had some say in who Joe picked. Obama didn’t want his wife upstaging him. And it’s the Democrat way to choose a VP that is more corrupt and incompetent than yourself so he/she can be blamed for any mistakes you make. Thus putting Kamala in charge of the border crisis and having her completely ignore it. I’m surprised he didn’t put her in charge of the Afghanistan withdrawal.


I think the perfect ticket for 2024 would be TRUMP/DESANTIS. Trump would be president for four years and let DeSantis carryout the next four to eight years. Bye bye Pence. You blew it. This way we can get back all that we have lost under Biden. It will take awhile to reverse all the socialist policies that they have enacted starting with finishing the wall and Keystone Pipeline, making us energy independent again. Right now thousands of steel posts are lying in the dirt awaiting to be erected as well as pipes while our gas prices are soaring.

Biden’s senators have asked for “smart patrol” of the border. What the hell does that mean? Does it mean drones that fly along the border, spot invaders, then shoot them with stun guns like animals? That’s inhumane, and I thought they were all about being humane. Or does it mean taking pictures of them via drones then sending them off to be analyzed by the FBI to see if they are a threat to America? This idea is useless and time consuming as they’d be long gone before the FBI gets out of bed. Besides, they’re busy tracking down school kids’ parents.

California has so many problems right now that Newsom is deflecting with silly laws to take our eyes off the ball. He wants gender neutral isles for toys in stores of over 500 employees. So that means we can shop at the ma and pop store down the street to find our grandsons the proper toy. Okay. He also wants the sale of gasoline lawn mowers to end in a few years, so I guess our gardener will be carrying long electrical cords around with him and asking to plug into our house. Another great idea to cut down on our electric costs, Newsom. And what about the careless gardener that accidentally runs over the cord? Oops! Stupid ideas with lofty intentions. See how they pick winners and losers in this economy?

So let’s get Americans working again, so they can feel dignity. Stop sending unemployment and stimulus checks. Stop forcing masks and vaccinations on employees. Let them have the freedom of choice. Covid will go away when we stop talking about it. Trust me. A year from now it will be nothing more than a scary memory, although our babies will be scarred for life from two years of isolation from people and having their smiles covered by a scary mask. It’s not normal and should never have been made the norm. Masked people are partly to blame.

America needs you. Go back to work! Mask or no mask, get off the couch!

Happy Columbus Day!


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