Biden: The Punisher.

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While his polls are sinking faster than a ship’s anchor due to just about every industry suffering since he became president, he now wants to take out the fishing industry. Deadliest Catch will be a thing of the past.

Offshore turbine windmills along U.S. coastlines will not only devalue properties in the line of sight of these monstrosities but will upset the fragile marine life, fish, whales, sea turtles, porpoises, sharks, seals, and birds. Not to mention pollute the water with toxic emissions.

During foggy nights or rough seas will ships be able to maneuver around these turbines without hitting them and sinking? Fishermen, boaters, cruise ships, submarines, and sailboats will be in danger as well. The ocean has a mind of its own and all the technology in the world on your vessel cannot keep it from sinking if it hits one of these turbines in rough waters.

And where are all the environmentalists that usually ballyhoo about offshore drilling? Where the hell are they all now? Suspiciously silent. They sure have selective outrage when it comes to messing with the ocean. I guess as long as it doesn’t interfere with their unobstructed view of the horizon from Malibu or Obama’s from the Eastern sea cliffs then everything’s hunky dory. Put these structures up the coast near Oregon or Eureka or down by the red states. No celebrities live there. What a bunch of NIMBYs. (Not In My Back Yard).

Biden seems to want to punish us all before his mind turns completely to mush. A doctor needs to examine him ASAP, and I don’t mean his wife. He fell asleep at a family wedding then demanded a deli sandwich when he awoke from his nappy sending the secret service scattering to his demands. He’s like the grumpy old grandpa we’ve all experienced.

I don’t think even Kammie would try to put turbines in the ocean. But she’s out to lunch right now along with Buttigieg who had twins with his husband? What is going on? Secretary of Transportation is on maternity leave during the worst transportation crisis in history. Funny how that works.

Seems to be standard practice though. Secretary of State goes on vacation along with Biden during the Afghanistan withdrawal. Kammie goes on vacation during the border crisis. And now this. Democrats cut and run when there is crisis just like after Benghazi terror attack whereby Hillary went to bed along with Obama (not together). That story actually never rang true with me. I think they were up all night coming up with the “hateful video excuse” before they jointly went to the mic the next day.

I never did trust Mayor Pete. He was just out for himself. And how many taxpayer dollars went to his surrogate? I guess his student loans are paid off now. Our country is being run by a bunch of academics on summer vacation taking advantage of the perks of their position along with a man on a mission to punish us all. The Punisher.

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One thought on “Biden: The Punisher.

  1. Give Mayor Pete a break, he has been taking time off, supporting his significant whatever he is while he takes hormone treatment so he can breast feed their newly adopted kids. ( damn, feel sorry for those kids ) I’m pretty sure the real agenda for the lefties is to turn this entire nation into a “nut farm”. They’re doing a pretty damn good job actually. The entire D.C. scene is looking like something from a Quinton Terantino movie.

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