President Doom and Gloom Has Interesting Recollection.

Quinnipiac polls: Are Biden's bills popular? Yes, but Democrats may not be.  - Vox
Biden sitting at his fake desk, in his fake room, with fake background.

Our president who continually scares the bejesus out of the general public with warnings of a dark winter, increased covid deaths, no Christmas toys, climate change, hurricanes, no gatherings, and other dire warnings in order to get his vaccine mandates and trillion $$$ pork bills passed, had an interesting recollection during a recent speech. He said, “My surgeon, who worked on my aneurism, said I was a congenital optimist.” I thought he was going to say congenital liar, but no such luck.

If Biden is an optimist, then we need to change the meaning of the word. Oh sure, he sugarcoats all the bad news he gets about his economy, his inflation, his high gas prices, his Afghanistan withdrawal, and his border crisis; but it is usually and wrongly blamed on Trump. That’s not optimism, that’s lying or scapegoating.

Now he has Buttigieg and Psaki lying for him by saying it’s a good thing the ports are backed up. It means people are shopping, people are driving, people are working; and the demand for goods cannot keep up with it. Well… if that isn’t spin, I don’t know what is. Funny how the transportation industry worked so well for four prosperous years under Trump. I wonder why? One problem could be that Biden is beholding to China so he cancelled the tariffs that Trump had placed on them allowing more goods to be purchased from China; therefore, crowding the ports of entry. Another reason could be that Biden’s stimulus and unemployment checks keep longshoremen from returning to work. Vaccination and masks mandates don’t help either.

The truth is: this country has more problems since Biden came into office than Merck has pills. Biden is not a businessman as he’s never run a company. In fact, his son had to pay his bills for him. No “balancing a budget” skills either. One problem that no one seems to want to address is how we got here, i.e. what happened in the swing states? What really happened? Evidence has come to light of mass voter fraud but no one wants to touch it. It wasn’t a fair election and Trump should have prevailed. But the Deep State et al wasn’t having it. They willingly accepted the results of the 2020 rigged election.

Another problem that no one seems to want to address is what really happened on January 6th? If six capitol police have been let go for conduct unbecoming of an officer, some committed suicide or died mysteriously since, and one is a murderer of Ashli Babbitt, doesn’t this reek of conspiracy? It does to me. It has shades of JFK assassination and the ensuing deaths of multiple people involved. Who was behind it [cough, Nancy]; who condoned it [cough, Biden]; and who is continually trying to put the blame on Trump [cough, the FBI]?

Bottom line: Trump got robbed in plain sight and now the country is paying for it tenfold with the incompetency of this administration which will only get worse as the years go by. Did we get what we deserved? Not me, but those that actually voted or cheated for Biden did. They are getting what they deserve in death by a thousand cuts; but are remaining suspiciously quiet. In fact, they don’t even mention Biden in mixed settings. They will not hesitate to take another swipe at Trump, however. Trump was their punching bag; they can dish it out, but not take it. Heaven forbid someone says something negative about the old bag of decaying bones occupying the White House or the fake stage setting.

But a congenital optimist, he is not. He’s a pessimist from day one in office. The world is dying from climate change, there will be more pandemics, and we won’t have toys on the shelves this year. His old surgeon needs to recant that comment, (if it was even said.) Biden most likely lied about that as well. He does like to spin a yarn.


One thought on “President Doom and Gloom Has Interesting Recollection.

  1. Biden operating from a fake office is hilarious. A fake office for fake Prez. I’m pretty sure his cabinet sends him over there to get him out of the way, kinda like putting a baby in a playpen so you can do housework. Also, it takes the reporters out of the White House so they can’t report on Obama sitting in the Oval.

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