Why Are Statues of George Floyd Being Erected but not for Ashli Babbitt?

Ashli Babbitt's journey to the Capitol, where the Trump and QAnon supporter  was fatally shot by police - The Washington Post

It’s an obvious answer. Ashli Babbitt was conservative, served in the air force, and a Trump supporter. She was an unarmed female veteran shot doing something she shouldn’t have been doing but so was George Floyd. In fact, George was under arrest for passing counterfeit bills in a store and swallowed a bunch of pills so he wouldn’t get caught with drugs. He probably would have died anyway despite having a knee on his neck. Where are the women’s groups for Ashli Babbitt?

We watched live on tv Ashli getting shot in the neck and lying down with people holding pressure onto her to stop the bleeding. It was gruesome. Just as gruesome as George Floyd’s death. It was definitely murder with no shout out to drop her weapon. She had no weapon. She had no pills to swallow. She only wore her Make America Great hat and that’s all the Trump-hating cop needed to see. She was a threat to Democrats. There was no insurrection that day. There was no sedition that day. Just a bunch of parading rally goers according to the latest findings.

When will the media stop vilifying a woman who probably got caught up in the excitement of the parading rally goers and went overboard. But the black cop who shot her was not under any threat nor were anyone in the senate or capitol building for that matter. Ashli was a victim of circumstance and a rally gone wrong. The cop was exonerated before any charges. Basically declared innocent before a trial. Why? Because he is black. If he was white and shot a BLM gal, he’d be hung already from the nearest tree and the black victim would have statues placed across DC.

But seriously, this double standard (or reverse racism as I always call it) needs to stop. Blacks are given the benefit of the doubt whereas whites get the book thrown at them. It was never like this before. It was the complete opposite. And therein lies the problem! I guess what is going on is the media, blacks, and prosecutors are giving whites a taste of their own medicine. Payback. But we all don’t deserve it. You can’t blame all whites for the senseless acts of the KKK (which were rich Democrats) in the past. Conservatives are getting punished for the racist acts of Democrats. Makes perfect sense, right? I guess if you say it often enough and teach it in our schools, it will be believed.

What they are trying to do is make the conservative party out to be the racists which it is the complete opposite. Lincoln was Republican. Everything Biden has done so far in office is to divide our country down racial lines. Martin Luther King was Republican; and yes, even Colin Powell was Republican although he didn’t vote that way in later years. Biden is trying to say that the unvaccinated folks are conservatives which is not true at all. Many blacks don’t trust the vaccine for their own reasons. After all, Harris said she wouldn’t trust the vaccine. That’s all they needed to hear. They have the right under our constitution to not take it. Our bodies, our choice. Our health decisions should be private under the HIPPA Laws, but I don’t see this occurring.

This vaccine mandate will eventually end up at the Supreme Court as no one knows what the heck is going on. People are getting fired from their jobs for refusing to take the vaccine. Statues of Jefferson are being removed and a lifetime criminal is being honored with a statue. The world is upside down right now. No one knows what VP Harris is doing, what Biden has done in his sordid past, nor what his administration is trying to pull off in plain sight.

What is their ultimate goal? I’d sure like to know. It’s not putting America First. It’s putting us last. It’s not building back better, it’s not building at all. And I’m pretty sure not one pretty cloth mask has prevented anyone from catching covid. Not one. It’s a means of control. And whether you catch covid or not is, unfortunately, the luck of the draw. Even those vaccinated are catching it.

Condolences to all that have fallen victim of the China virus and to their families. Let’s not forget Ashli Babbitt who died needlessly. But neither her or George Floyd should have statues erected in their honor. Statues should be reserved for notable citizens that have advanced society by their accomplishments not for being killed in the act of breaking the law.


One thought on “Why Are Statues of George Floyd Being Erected but not for Ashli Babbitt?

  1. The way the Government is treating Ashli Babbitt sends a very clear and unmistakable message; Their diatribe about women is a blatant lie, they hate conservatives with a passion and consider their lives worthless, and will stop at nothing to cancel and silence them. The current leftist movement in this country is at war with over 50% of the citizenry. When the ruling class hates it’s own citizens more than it’s enemies, that’s a very bad sign.

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