In the Wee Wee Hours of the Morning…

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the suburbs are getting surprise guests in their town. No, it’s not St. Nicholas and his reindeer sleigh landing on your roof or in your yard, it is the government secretly dumping lost souls from other countries, mainly Haiti and Afghanistan. Most of them are unaccompanied children and the rest are young adult males.

What are these towns supposed to do with these uninvited guests? Will they be the next homeless tent encampments on their streets? Ted Cruz wrote a bill saying that these migrants have to be shipped to elite areas of the country like St Helena, Yountville, Pacific Heights, and Cape Cod. I know Ted is messing with the Democrats; but can you even imagine if these little quaint towns got the influx of migrants dumped on them? Heaven forbid.

But, no, instead these migrants are being flown in the dead of night into the suburbs of Texas and New York. I know they want to turn Texas blue, but I thought illegals weren’t allowed to vote. Oh…I see. I guess with ballot harvesting that goes on from the Democrats, they will find a way to get these migrants to vote. Where there’s a will…

So what’s with all the secrecy? we ask Psaki. She said they were just early flights, the flights that reporters won’t take. Really? This is the best answer she has? The question was about the secret mission to unload migrants on other towns, not the time of flights; but notice how she deflected? What are they trying to hide? The answer is: they want to keep it secret because they are trying to hide their mistakes along the border by pawning off these migrants onto folks in the suburbs. It’s as plain as the nose on Psaki’s face (which is growing I might add. )

Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house
Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse;

The stockings were hung by the chimney with care,
In hopes that St. Nicholas soon would be there.”

But instead I found migrants invading our house, opening the gifts I had for my spouse; the stockings were torn off the mantle by the mirror; I prayed that police would soon appear.

This is the reality we have to look forward to if these young adult males from other countries keep being dumped in our suburbs. Thanks a lot Biden. Let’s dump them near one of your many homes or near Hunter’s. See how you like it.


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