Conservatives Will Save America…

How many Christopher Reeve Superman movies are there? | I'll Get Drive-Thru

from the liberal takeover and are proving it daily by taking a stance against nonsense like the mandatory vaccine or lose your job. Conservatives are risking their jobs and, in some cases, losing them. Restaurants are risking fines and shutdowns by the city if they don’t require proof of vaccinations. Some employees have already been given notice if they don’t get their vaccine by a certain date.

We’re not anti-science; we’re anti-mandates. There’s a difference. We want the freedom of choice to decide what is right for our own health. We’re tired of the government, who has been wrong most of the time, telling us what to do. We’re not sheep. We’re human beings. We have the right to refuse a medical procedure, flu shot, pneumonia shot, shingles shot. and, yes, the covid shot. It’s our freedom of choice. If the vaccines work so well, then those that have gotten it shouldn’t be worried. And those that haven’t, take their own precautions and their own risk. That’s on them.

The unemployment rate will surely rise from conservatives taking a stance, but this government will put a spin on it. It will go something like this: “The rate went up due to stupid employees choosing death over employment.” All of this crap being forced on us is unconstitutional and getting resisted daily by those that take a stance. From the state trooper to the football coach to the restaurant chain to the airlines to the pop singer to the basketball star to the school parents, we are getting out the word that we are mad as hell and aren’t going to take it any longer. Just like in the movie Network.

Liberals are ruining this country from the top on down to the kindergarten classroom. Something has to be done and many folks are risking their livelihood to make a point. I admire them all. When these liberal governors, mayors, companies, and elected leaders finally get the message maybe then, and only then, will we be able to take our country back from the loons.

I mean, we have comic books depicting Superman kissing a guy! What in the world? I don’t want my grandsons viewing this in a comic book. It will have to be R rated. Superman was one of my favorite superhero movies. Christopher Reeve must be spinning in his grave. And what an insult to Lois Lane.

We have a transgender man or woman (not sure which) Secretary of Health being made a four-star admiral. Was he ever in the military? If not, how is this even possible? Biden is out of his mind. Rachel Levine will not come out against gender transitioning of a child. This is sick child abuse. If Rachel is trying to look female, she failed. She still looks male. Growing your hair does not a female make. Goofiest administration in modern history from Buttigeig to Blinken to Milley to Levine to Garland. Levine is another beauty as Trump would say. They’ve made a joke of serving in and for the White House.

More and more we need to object, resist, and refuse to comply with their draconian crap. The more we do, the more they will get the message. They are a bunch of hypocrites with “rules for thee, but not for me.” Joe and Jill walking through a posh restaurant unmasked proved that. Or as Psaki spun, they were in transition to putting their masks on. BS! Just like Newsom was during the state shutdown at the French Laundromat in Yountville. You can’t make this stuff up.

My oldest son who is an independent and getting increasingly fed up with what’s going on like the mask Nazis, water rationing, restaurant restrictions, and shipping crisis in Los Angeles County asked me today, “What is their end game? What do they want?”

I answered, “To ruin America; but don’t worry, the conservatives will save us. Help is on the way!”


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