AG Garland Stonewalls and Denies Targeting School Board Parents as “Domestic Terrorists.”

Merrick Garland deflects Trump questions in House Judiciary hearing : NPR

I guess he can’t read his own memo labeling concerned parents “domestic terrorists.” He denied, denied, and denied while repeating the same old talking point, “We will never tolerate threats or violence to school board members.” He denied that his son in law (who runs a CRT info business) was a conflict of interest to his targeting parents that object to CRT being taught in their schools. Most other subjects he was asked about he knew nothing or was not aware of that case.

This guy either came unprepared for this meeting or was told to say that he was not aware of this case. He wouldn’t even commit to hiring a special counsel to investigate the conflict of interest of Hunter Biden’s sale of art for $500,000. Apparently, whatever the Democrats get away with, he has no interest in; but any Trump supporters caught on January 6th for parading, he will prosecute. He couldn’t comment on a current investigation into whether federal agents were actively involved on January 6th and agitated the crowd. Yet, not one of those characters have been arrested.

Jim Jordan tried to introduce a video of one of the school board meetings which got immediately objected to by one of the Dems for being submitted too late. Chairman Nadler got swarmed by four lawyers whispering in his ear; he agreed and denied the evidence. And they call themselves a transparent administration. What are they trying to hide from the public?

One senator asked him to rewrite the memo he made public about school board parents to take out the wording “domestic terrorists.” Didn’t commit to that either. He never heard of the climate change environmentalists forcing their way into the Federal Building of the Department of Interior. That was a lie. They were not labeled insurrectionists by the media like trespassers were on January 6th. So, liberal activists are okay, but Trump parade goers, not okay. Got it.

All Garland has proved today is that we have a two-tiered justice system, i.e. one standard for Democrats and a totally other one for conservatives. He turns a blind eye to illegal acts by liberals and focuses on peaceful acts of conservative-minded folks. He was not aware of a transgender raping a girl in the girl’s bathroom, how many illegal aliens have been prosecuted this year, how many terrorists from Afghanistan have entered our country, status of investigations into violence committed by BLM in 2020, whether Durham’s investigation is funded under this administration, nor whether guards are being investigated for abusing those jailed from January 6th riot.

Basically, this guy pretends to know nothing and actually stole a line from Obama, “I didn’t hear about it until I read it in the newspaper.” Wow! That still works? And we wonder why the FBI can’t thwart or prevent a crime. They wait until it makes the news. Sounds lazy to me. Remarkably, Garland was fully aware of any topic the Democrat members asked him and went into detail elaborating on the subjects such as ghost guns, deaths from opioids, and crimes against native Indians being ignored by police. But when a Republican asked a question on a case which has made national news, he knows nothing and no comment. Amazing.


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