Biden Administration’s Abuse of Power.

Jiminy Cricket Disney GIF - Jiminy Cricket Disney Waiting - Discover &  Share GIFs
Impression of Garland Getting Grilled by Congress.

We all realize now that good ol’ Joe is nothing more than a dictator, an authoritarian which is ironically what they accused Trump of being. It would be laughable if it wasn’t so true. AG Garland is the latest proof that his administration is embedded with political hacks willing to risk their reputation and die on the sword for their imperious, domineering leader who they jump through burning hoops for. It was amazing to watch Garland demolish his own reputation in real time.

Garland refused to answer one “yes or no” question in two days of testimony. He had his preplanned answers to questions which he repeated ad nauseum. He appeared evasive, combative, and defeated all at one time. He reminded me of a victim of Stockholm Syndrome. He’s beholden to autocrat Biden for his position so has given up all sense of the law in order to protect his leader. He’s a disgrace to the attorney general job and thank God was never appointed to the SCOTUS.

The proof that Garland is corrupted came from some of his answers. He was quickly willing to sic the FBI (at Biden’s request) on innocent, concerned parents at school board meetings. He was also complicit to arrest innocent rally goers from January 6th and keep them jailed. But when asked if he was going to investigate Fauci for lying to congress (which is a much greater crime) or the activists who harassed a congresswoman in the bathroom or the climate change activists that broke into the Department of Interior or the BLM rioters that destroyed millions in property damage or the thousands invading our borders, he punted. Said he could not comment on any existing or future cases. Which is really code for “no, we don’t plan to investigate. No indictments are forthcoming, i.e. don’t hold your breath. These are drones doing the work for our leader, Biden.” Remember totalitarian Biden said, “It’s all part of the process.” (The process to destroy America!)

So when it is a case against known Democrats or liberal activists, “he can’t comment” or feigns ignorance of the case altogether, but when it’s a case against Trump supporters at a rally, he was able to discuss freely. He’s a fake, compromised, phony attorney general and needs to resign in disgrace just like Eric Holder did after he got caught lying about the Fast and Furious gun-running scandal.

Garland was asked to resign by three senators but just sat there with a mopey Jiminy Cricket face. Here’s who else should resign: Fauci, Austin, Milley, Buttigeig, Blinken, Harris, and Psaki for lying daily. The others, for incompetence.


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