My 900th Published Post.

Yes, We Do!

I impulsively started this blog two and a half years into Trump’s first term on May 27, 2018, as a rebuttal to the onslaught of lies about racism and Russia election collusion told by the fake news media. I couldn’t listen to them any longer without speaking out in some form. I didn’t even know what blogging meant at the time. Three years later, I’m still rebuking the lies about January 6th, the rigged election, his unfair banning from Twitter and Facebook, and his accomplishments which the left are trying their best to diminish or steal.

For instance, Trump had complete control of our borders and Biden can’t stand it. So to punish Trump, he is awarding every illegal alien who crossed the border under Trump that had their children separated from them to the tune of $450,000 for pain and suffering! This is a ridiculous plan to award someone for breaking the law. But as long as they broke it under Trump’s term, Biden will award them to make it look like Trump’s actions caused the deficit to rise. It’s akin to awarding a bank robber a settlement for pain and suffering while the police chased him in his getaway vehicle. So stressful! The wimpification of America! Here’s a thought: If you’re going to break the law, you’re responsible for any adverse results. It’s on you.

Everything Trump accomplished in his short stint as president was remarkable including recovering from Covid while others his age succumbed to the China virus. He had good instincts about how to run a country even while he was being impeached time after time “for nothing” by the Deep State. “Impeachment about nothing” reminded me of Seinfeld‘s pilot comedy show premise.

His greatest accomplishment was the execution of The Wall which he was simultaneously getting sued over and his enforcement of immigration laws already on the books. I bet some of those that opposed the wall wish it were completed about now and the Border Police were able to do their job. His other big accomplishment which went unacknowledged by the press was Peace in the Middle East between Israel and several other countries and solely instrumental on moving and building the U.S. Embassy in Jerusalem below costs, snagging him two Nobel Peace Prize nominations.

When he enacted the travel ban from other countries after covid emerged (despite the left’s objection), he saved countless lives, no doubt; while ol’ Joe called him xenophobic and racist. The left called Trump “racist” so often that it began to stick, but he was far from racist. He was an equal opportunity insulter and treated most people of all races or gender equally, if they treated him fairly. As far as I can remember, he never made an unsolicited or preemptive attack on anyone, only after they had a go at him. He was retaliatory, unlike Bush who took one insult after another and never defended himself. That is not a trait of a good leader.

Colin Powell had a few good choice words for Trump and therein lies why Trump did not give him high praise after his death. Colin Powell said he trusted Hillary more than Trump (what an insult!) and thought Biden was a well respected VP. Colin was secretly a Democrat. Trump says what we all keep to ourselves about someone who has a go at us. Trump is just being honest. I like that about him.

Trump stood up for America. He didn’t apologize to other countries. He got them paying “their fair share” into NATO whereas before they just relied on America. He pulled us out of phony, expensive climate accord agreements where the U.S. got hit with high costs and other countries like China would slide. Trump was “America First” not America Last. He put tariffs on China that leveled the playing field. China was hurting until they unleashed their bioweapon (which we helped research) on the world to punish the rest of us which sparked the stupid mail in ballots ruining our total election process. Word is still out on who was behind the unleashing of the bioweapon. I never thought it was accidental. No way, no how. After all, that would negate the purpose of a bioweapon.

Trump kept his campaign promises and then some. He said he’d have a vaccine by the next election and he was right on. In fact, Pfizer held back their vaccine until after the election which I thought was cruel and calculated by the left. And what a slap in the face to Trump who approved and expedited all their research funding. They bit the hand that fed them. Trump also exposed the media and social media bias against all conservatives. Trump was a law and order president and would never be part of any sort of “vaccine mandates or lose your job.” He was against government overreach.

There were many more programs that Trump created or endorsed like Right to Try, Keystone Pipeline, ANWR, Veteran programs, and energy independence. If Trump were still president gas prices would still be low, shelves would be filled, and our ports would be running smoothly. If you pay people to sit home, end our energy independence, fire the unvaccinated, and buy products from China, we get what we deserve. Gridlock

If I had any complaints about Trump, it was his inability to stop the RESIST and BLM Movements that was spreading across liberal cities and destroying properties. He should have nipped it in the bud. They gained power and were influential to the rigged election. He should have brought in the National Guard despite the mayors refusals. He also should have fired Fauci, Chris Wray, and General Milley who were flies in the ointment and secretly trying to undermine him. If he had, he’d be president today.

900 posts! Boy, how time flies! Thank you to all those who occasionally choose to read my rants. But boy, oh boy, haven’t the left given lots of reason to defend Trump and still are!? Biden is obsessed with Trump’s popularity as he will never achieve the same. He can call himself the most popular president all he wants, but we all know better; that he rigged the election, had more votes in some counties than people living there, and that the sports arenas are chanting F*** Joe Biden, not Let’s Go Brandon.


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