Climate Police vs. Space Force.

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Which program would you rather have? Which president would you rather have? One program is for enforcing global warming initiatives on companies and people; the other, protects America in space against our enemies. One program is smart; the other, dumb. One program is from a man with a vision for the future of America; the other, from a Dr. Frankenstein mentality. And Psaki belittled the Space Force Program? Wonder what she’ll say about the Civilian Climate Corps.

Biden has slipped 2 billion $$$$ into his Build Back Better plan in the name of funding the police, but it is not the kind police we need or want. In the middle of the trillion-dollar bill the Democrats are pushing that will pay for all their communist ideas and bankrupt the nation is a plan to harass companies and individuals who do not comply with their agenda. Remember their motto: Do as we say, or else! It is for climate police to snoop into our everyday lives.

Did we recycle properly, turn on the fireplace on a spare-the-air day, use a gasoline lawnmower and blower, dispose of a fluorescent lightbulb properly, bring our old computer or dead batteries to a recycle center, own one too many cows, use too much water, own too many gas guzzling cars, buy solar panels yet, have a compost pile, or still have a lawn? Are companies following proper air pollution and recycling regulations, driving electric cars, getting solar panels on their roofs, and flying commercial, not private jets? Biden is an eco-hypocrite.

In a future under Biden, everything will be regulated, and we will get fined or arrested. The streets will have no police patrolling them, just unarmed social workers to address you calmly during a hostage crisis. There will be no traffic police. Golf courses will get regulated and fined to death and become a thing of the past. Gardeners will all be arrested or fined to death for using outdated equipment.

Biden is Dr. Frankenstein. He sees himself as some great achiever, innovator, to impress people; but like Frankenstein, will be remembered for being the biggest buffoon in history. He slept through the international climate crisis summit yesterday, which proves he’s not really interested in climate change, just interested in punishing people, but only American people.

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Dr. Frankenstein.

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