Momma Bears Send Democrats a Clear Message in Virginia.

Photo by Kalen Kemp on

“Get your wokeness out of our schools, or else!

Soccer moms, Trumpers, and concerned parents across the nation are sick of the government getting into our schools and telling us what our children should learn and forcing vaccinations and masks on them. The voters in Virginia and some in New Jersey are standing up to this authoritarianism. They are also sick of the high gas prices, high taxes, empty shelves, and shipping delays. “It’s the economy. stupid!”

Progressives across the nation got sent a red wave last night. They must be shaking in their dirty Birkenstocks. So when McAuliffe tried to link Youngkin to Trump, it backfired as the voters want a Trump-like governor, a businessman who has hands on experience in economics.

CRT, defunding police, cancel culture, anti-Trumpers, tax increases, mask/vaccine mandates, and high gas prices LOST last night. Kitchen table issues (that the Democrats love to ballyhoo about) put the Republicans over the threshold.

Note to Democrats: Never try to use Trump as your only platform to run against. Trump is the most popular president. You need to run on good policies, which you have none.

“Let’s Go Brandon” also won last night as well as the Braves.


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