If Durham Won’t Indict Hillary for Election Interference…

Suing a ham sandwich.

then President Trump should sue the pants suit off the Hillary Campaign. I’ve heard you can sue a ham sandwich, well…what about just a ham?

Her campaign was behind the funding of the Steele Dossier that got leaked to the media and to none other than John McCain who, if he had any decency at the time, would have thrown it in the round file. But he had it out for Trump.

Two conspirators have already been indicted by Durham (names not important as they are low hanging fruit) for conjuring up the dossier. Why Steele hasn’t been indicted is beyond comprehension. Why Hillary hasn’t been interrogated is beyond. Why Bruce Ohr and Nellie haven’t been indicted is beyond. Why Mueller hasn’t lost his law license for going along with the sham once he discovered it, is unexplainable. Why, now that we know Hillary asked Chris Wray to go along with it, does he still have a job? But Durham is taking his time.

Let’s face it, there are a whole lot of people involved in the conspiracy to pin Russia Collusion onto Trump from the top on down including disgraced Jim Comey. Just as there are a whole shitload of people who conspired to set up Trump on January 6th from the top on down, [cough] Pelosi.

But all in good time. It takes about five years I guess to do a thorough investigation due to the pandemic. Haha. I swear the pandemic gets blamed for everything under the sun these days.

“Your window hasn’t come in yet, due to the pandemic.”

“What does the pandemic have to do with a window I ordered four months ago?”

“Well, everything is slower these days.”

“Why, aren’t they made in America or do they come from China or something?”

“Well, maybe some parts do.”

Give me a break. The pandemic has nothing to do with the lack of workers to make a window. It has to do with paying people more to sit home. I wish stores would just be honest. But I digress.

Little by little , drip by drip, Durham is exposing the Deep State and how widespread it is. But when will the big names be held accountable? Why should they get off scot free? Once one of these unscrupulous characters get indicted; I think the house of cards, that the Dems have built, will fall. Including the one they built around the rigged election. Durham needs to be hired to investigate election fraud and who was behind it, and finally the January 6th hoax.

In the very least, the Mueller Probe committee should pay back the $34 million to the taxpayers and reward Trump for pain and suffering.

The Democrats are scared. First they lose Virginia in an honest election, then Durham starts coming out with some indictments exposing them for who they really are? They must be quivering in their stilettoes.

Keep it up Durham, even though we’ve never seen you.


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