13 RINO Traitors in the House Voted for Spending Bill.

Current Leader of the Former Free World, Sleepy Joe.

They all need to be voted out at some point. They can’t be trusted. Someone on the other side of the aisle bribed or blackmailed them into voting with the progressives. With traitors like this, the GOP doesn’t need enemies.

Oil prices are rising and will not come down under Sleepy Joe’s term and this trickles down to the price of everything we purchase from toys to toilet paper. Joe hates oil and energy independence. Notice how all the Press Core Speakers try to spin the border crisis onto Trump? They continue to say Trump pulled children from their parents and caged them when that happened under Obama. But they want to reward these parents for pain and suffering just under Trump’s term. Trump stopped most migrants before they crossed the border.

The ports are still clogged because this government is paying people to sit home. When they stop doing that, they will open up. Everything Sleepy Joe touches turns sour. He couldn’t run a convenience store successfully. With this said, the GOP needs to takeover the HOUSE in 2022 and send the inept progressives packing along with the ice cream queen, Pelosi. They know nothing about how to run a country. Zero.

The mask and vaccine mandates spreading across the nation and into our children’s classrooms, needs to STOP. This is unhealthy for growing, healthy children. The pandemic is over. Don’t let the progressives use it as a reason to force vaccinations on our children. Go to your School Board Meetings and demand that you have privacy and the right to choose what is right for your children. None of the school’s business.

The Hillary Campaign together with Obama et al and Comey et al were behind the Russia Collusion story that they tried to pin onto Trump. Heads should be rolling from Durham. Wait and see who’s next. Get your popcorn ready to pop.


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