VEEP Harris is on a Worldwide Giggle Tour.

Kamala Harris Has Worn Converse Sneakers For Much Of Her Campaign
Kamala Harris slammed for 'cringe' response to border questions: 'Not a  joke to laugh at' | Fox News
Kamala Harris' awkward laughs spark outrage. Why laughter is not her best  medicine - World News
Giggling all the way to the bank.

Who does she think she is, the next President of the United States? Maybe she thinks if she keeps as far away from Sleepy Joe, she won’t be attached to all of his blunders. But the biggest blunder of all has her name on it: Harris’s Border Crisis. She can run, but she can’t hide. She ran from the border crisis as fast as Biden cut and ran out of Afghanistan and as fast as Buttigieg ran from the supply chain crisis. All failures and dereliction of duty.

Now we are heading into a energy crisis whereby the energy secretary is laughing it off. Prices will rise to $4.00 a gallon, if not already. And they don’t care. This is what they wished for. Get rid of energy independence, so we the people will be forced to buy expensive electric cars. They are planning on shutting down two more oil lines in the U.S. They shut down coal. We are all screwed. They will install charging stations up and down all the freeways (that don’t work) all for show. Biden marking his territory like a dog does.

Kammie’s popularity is in the 29 percentile. That’s the lowest of a VEEP in modern history. Of course, she’ll cackle it off as sexist, racist, and misogynist. Yesterday she had a great idea to measure trees to help with climate change no doubt. Shall we measure each tree in the forest and how tall it grows in one year? That sounds like fun. This gal has no hands on experience doing anything, not running a company, not raising a child, not building anything with her hands, not even planting a garden, and not making ends meet on a budget; and yet she thinks she can run a country? I…don’t…think…so. Her and Joe are both bumbling, giggling misfits.

But she is Biden’s job security. As long as she is around to replace Joe, no one wants to take the chance. Sometimes the evil we know is better than what we don’t know. And from what we see of her (which is less and less each day) she looks scary.

Joe chose wisely when he picked her. I thought he’d choose Michelle but; of course, he couldn’t as everyone would dump Biden for Michelle in a New York minute. And he couldn’t put blame on her either with Barack in his ears. He definitely picked the right woman of color. She’s one step up from Lightfoot and Abramms. But right now she’s in Europe on the taxpayer’s dime living it up and staying as far away from all the crises here.


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