If Rittenhouse is Acquitted…

Joe saying stupid stuff.

he should sue Joe Biden and those in the media that labeled him a White Supremacist and Domestic Terrorist prior to his trial. It was slanderous, obstruction of justice, and jury tampering which caused the prosecution to overcharge the case to please the woke president’s mob. Why is it that conservatives with a gun get arrested for defending themselves, yet Antifa and BLM with weapons and guns threatening murder and assaulting people do not?

Many BLM and Antifa have shot police, innocent bystanders, store owners, security guards, or assaulted old women on the street, yet I never hear of their trials? Why is that? Reminds me of Ashli Babbitt’s murderer’s trial. Oops, I forgot, her killer was awarded a badge of honor. Hmmm. Is it because they are in the protected class of people which includes BLM and Antifa and Climate Change activists? They are doing the bidding for this crazy old man running our country into the ground? This crazy old codger that threatens to bankrupt the oil industry and jail their CEOs? Who the hell does he think he is…God?

He has a god-like complex. He hired people in his cabinet that are either crazier than him or are just going along to get along like the Energy Secretary who scoffed at the thought of gasoline prices coming down. This is what they want: all conservatives arrested and jailed so they can shove the rest of their agenda down the gullibles’ throats without any resistance.

The media have labeled Rittenhouse a school shooter, vigilante, militant, and racist even though those shot were white. But they call the rioting BLM and Antifa anarchists (paid for by George Soros) peaceful demonstrators. The blatantly biased double standard is deafening.

I’m worried for the future of our country, very worried. I see nothing positive happening this whole year. Everything this administration does has a deleterious effect. But I know now it is on purpose. No administration could be this inept so often. If Trump were making all these mistakes, it would be frontpage, global news; but our communist news networks (aside from FOX and Newsmax) are all in on it. They haven’t even apologized for spreading the “Russia Russia Russia” lie. Adam Schiff had the gall to double down on the Russia lie still claiming Trump’s innocent joke was a message to Russia. What a buffoon he is. I call that CYA.

I hope Rittenhouse is acquitted as it was not premediated murder. He brought a rifle into a mob and lived to tell about it. I blame the mayor for allowing this mayhem to start and not bringing in the National Guard. The city was under siege by anarchists. If he had, Rittenhouse would have stayed home and none of this would have occurred. Liberal mayors are ruining our cities across America and Rittenhouse is just a symptom of the problem. He has brought the problem to light.

Have you noticed the left’s new answer to the obvious? Antifa was just an IDEA, they aren’t real. Critical Race Theory now DOESN’T EXIST in our schools. It’s just a right wing culture war lie. Inflation is called a GOOD THING. And finally, the Laptop from Hell DOESN’T EXIST, either. So when they get caught, it is just a mirage we are seeing. Better get our eyes checked. I think the left needs their own dictionary called The Woketionary. But we now know what Build Back Better is supposed to mean: Bankrupt our country and build back a socialist, anti-fossil fuel, green energy, and all EV Utopia.

Problem is it is not sustainable, feasible, or practical. But “energy independence” is including all types of green energy. Eliminating our oil, natural gas, and coal production makes us dependent on our enemies which is not a place we want to be but where we are headed under Biden.


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