“Karma Has No Menu…

Photo by Daria Shevtsova on Pexels.com

You get served what you deserve.” I heard these words of wisdom in a movie recently and it made me think of what our country is getting served by choosing Biden over Trump by rigging an election. Boy, oh boy, are we getting served a pile of shit on a plate. The Misery Index is at level 8 whereas a year ago (before the rigged election) it was at 0.6. What baffles me is how the people who voted for Biden seem oblivious to what he has caused all on his own. Biden is even downplaying inflation which is getting worse and seems to welcome it. Kamala, on the other hand, says it’s serious; but also feigns obliviousness to who created it: Biden. But clearly is distancing herself from him.

The rest of us have to reap what the Democrats have sewn. It’s not fair. Democrats can get away with ignoring a subpoena whereas a Republican gets indicted. It’s not fair. Biden has gotten rid of energy independence which makes our gas prices soar but acts like it’s business as usual. It’s not fair. Biden is paying people more to stay home and our store shelves are empty. It’s not fair. Patriotic rally goers on January 6th got indicted whereas BLM rioters that burned cities and FBI agents that incited January 6th did not. It’s not fair. Biden wants to shutdown more pipelines in our country and bankrupt oil companies and jail CEOs but thinks selling access to his presidency is legal. None of the above is fair; but right now the rest of us are just collateral damage.

Buttigeig says vaccines and childcare will solve the backlog at the ports! He thinks the pandemic has something to do with truckers and longshoremen staying home. The price of gas has caused many truckers to throw in the towel. Biden paying people to sit home has more to do with the backlog than the pandemic which is over. Energy dependence on other countries trickles down into every aspect of our economy. Buttigieg is an idiot with no business being a transportation secretary. Secretary maybe, just not in our cabinet. More like a boring motivational speaker who rips off his paid audience.

But if my title rings true. Karma will be serving up to those who helped to cheat to get Biden in office and those who incited the January 6th setup and to those who are still hyping it. For the rest of his clueless supporters that still back him, that’s on you. But I’d be careful, your feigned naivete can border on bad karma. For example: If you don’t stand up for freedom, low taxes, energy independence, and parents at school board meetings; then you can toss out your menu. We will never stand for being a socialist country.




One thought on ““Karma Has No Menu…

  1. Joe Biden thinks if you put a positive spin on what is happening, it will magically be OK. That’s not opinion, during the final days of the Afghanistan debacle, he was telling the President of Afghanistan to tell everyone ” all is good, and it will be good”. By the way, that was just days before Ghani took the money and ran. Joe doesn’t seem to be able to sell that idea very well. 65% of Americans aren’t buying it either. But we have a problem, we don’t have any place to run.


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