How Mob Rule Can Influence a Jury’s Verdict.

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Now I hope I’m wrong, but judging from the way some in the media are slandering Rittenhouse (Joy Behar) and the city bringing in the National Guard (which they should have done prior to the innocent), I suspect the jury is feeling intimidated to make a verdict whereby they will not be retaliated against by Black backlash and the biased media. Any juror that doesn’t have this fear is not being truthful.

Can you remember the trial of O.J.? There was so much evidence proving him guilty “beyond a reasonable doubt” that there wasn’t a smidgeon of a chance he was innocent; yet the jury (who was intimidated by Black backlash) acquitted him. In fact, they had turned the trial into claims of racism against the cops that arrested O.J.. It sent shockwaves across the nation. Also the trial of Michael Jackson. His supporters didn’t care about his accusations and influenced his jury to declare him innocent of all charges. It was also shocking. Both black defendants, I might add.

But now we have a non-celebrity, conservative white teen who, for all intents and purposes, did not go out into the night to kill ruthless rioters; but rather found himself in the middle of a gang attack and over his head literally. And where for God sakes were the police? Rittenhouse freaked and found himself fighting for his life. And he didn’t shoot black rioters, but they were members of Antifa or BLM and that’s all that matters to the blacks and the biased media. The boy’s a racist!

I don’t know if this boy has a jury of his peers or what, but he should be found innocent of Murder One. I hope the jury and the judge have not been intimidated enough to effect their vote from the threats they have received to them and their families but rather rule according to the law, not mob rule.

If mob rule is the way our high profile trials are going to go, then there’s no point in having a judge and jury. But notice it is only conservatives or cops getting prosecuted these days by leftwing prosecutors. This is what worries me. I can assure you if Kyle Rittenhouse had been shot dead by one of his victims, those perps would never have been charged, i.e. no high profile trial, no media reports of the killing. They’d bury the story. For example, why hasn’t the cop that murdered Ashli Babbitt been prosecuted? Why was his identity protected for so long? Oh, I forgot, he’s black and a known supporter of BLM. And he hated Trump. I suspect Ashli’s MAGA hat alone prompted him to shoot her. Reverse racism.

If this boy can’t get a fair outcome to his trial because of threats of the city being burned or lives of the jurors, then this country has turned into a third world country whereby elections and trials have no purpose and are, therefore, nothing more than “for show.”


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