A Country Divided Down Racial Lines.

Photo by Robo Michalec on Pexels.com

From what I am seeing lately, the liberal politicians, schools, and media seem to hate the white race, thus the talk of white privilege and CRT. Or do they just hate conservatives of any race? They quickly side with a person of color (no matter if they have a criminal background or not) before reviewing evidence like they did with George Floyd, Breonna, Trayvon, and Brown. Just like Biden did with the Rittenhouse case. And they try to put the white person or cop in a bad light, tarnishing their reputation with false claims.

It was very evident during the Rittenhouse trial as they tried to turn Kyle into a white supremacist with a racial motive where there was clearly none. They seemed flummoxed that someone as young as Kyle would want to help out injured people or store owners. No one puts themselves out like that, they assumed. Democrats don’t offer help. They stand back and watch crimes in progress via their phone cameras. Isn’t there a Good Samaritan Law whereby you have to step in and offer help? Where’d that go?

The victims were no heroes as the prosecution claimed. They had criminal records and were breaking all kinds of laws that night in Kenosha yet the prosecutor wrote it off to be “rioting as usual.” SOP for rioters. No biggy. Dumpster fires, broken windows, flying rocks, and assaults with skateboards are standard fare. They chased Kyle down like a pack of wolves after prey. But if you don’t agree with these rioters’ ideology or cause, you’re a racist!

Every liberal news anchor whether black or white is against anyone who opposes the BLM movement. One numbskull commentator said, “We have to stop making Republicans appear to be normal. They aren’t normal. They’ve been spreading culture war memes and hate.” If that’s not calling the kettle black, I don’t know what is. And what’s with all the blacks congregating outside the courthouse in Kenosha? This isn’t a black issue! But it is a conservative vs. liberal outlaw one. Outlaws stick together no matter the race.

The liberal media has gone off the rails. We can’t believe a word that comes out of their biased mouths. They hate all conservatives. Their hate and stupidity is oozing out of their pores live on camera. It’s unseemly. I can’t imagine what their regular viewers must think as they were brainwashed for five years to think Trump was a racist and Russia colluder. And some journalists got Pulitzer prizes for lying. What are they brainwashing them to think now?

And as expected, Biden can do no wrong. He is their savior from the mean boogeyman, Trump, who used to post mean tweets! (But kept our country safe and prosperous!) The world is tiptoeing on thin ice under Biden but the liberal media ignores it. Other countries are ready to go to war with each other as Biden is not looking or giving a hoot. He walks around in a fuzzy haze.

When, and if, the liberal media wakes up and reports the truth, our country will unite and be a better place to live in once again. But I won’t hold my breath. Never in past generations did we have to endure such incompetency and racism from the journalists and our government. The combination of the two makes our country vulnerable to just about anything. They are dividing us down racial lines. There was a similar aura in the air to how we were right before the 9-11 attack: clueless, unaware, and vulnerable. The Clinton sexcapades had knocked all the wind out of our country leaving us vulnerable to just about anything. And we got the shock of our lifetime.

Be prepared as our country is divided rendering us vulnerable.


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