What is Biden’s “Build Back Better” Bill Really?

Photo by Charles Parker on Pexels.com

It’s code for “Reward my Donors” and “Punish my Opponents” under the guise of taxing only billionaires and corporations to “build bridges and roads” all the while raising the deficit to bankrupt America. Thanks Biden. Good job. Thanks to whoever voted for him. Good job.

I read the ticker tape that the Covid Virus “likely came from a wet market in Wuhan.” Hmm. I wonder who’s putting that big lie out there for us to believe, [cough] Fauci. Amazing how one bat’s virus could combine with another animal’s virus to come up with a super killer virus that attacks humans across the globe. Amazing what nature can do. And which animal bit a human to get it spread to a human? Or was it spread by eating the dead diseased animal? Elaborate please, Fauci. And while you’re at it where did the whistleblower scientists that worked at the Wuhan Lab go? Where are they? Why did they mysteriously disappear if the virus came from a wet market? The evidence doesn’t back up your latest lie.

Biden is getting a colonoscopy today which is ironically what he’s been doing to our country for the last nine months. I’m wondering why they chose that end of his body to examine when it is clear that it is his head that needs a thorough going over. I’m quite sure he can’t pass the cognitive test that the rest of America has to take every year since reaching age of 65: Remember three random words and draw a clock’s time. Pretty sure he’d mess up on that test which would lead to further testing which he has not taken. The press is covering for his dementia as well as his cabinet and congress.

Let’s do the FBI. How disgusting are they to be arresting parents that show up at school board meetings in protest over CRT being shoved down the throats of innocent children? How disgusting is AG Garland feigning innocence to all of this? How disgusting that they infiltrated the January 6th rally with rogue agents that incited the violence? Chris Wray, Garland, and Fauci all need to go. While they are at it, take Pelosi and Harris too. Two of the worst women in power of modern times.

Harris’s biggest accomplishment thus far is receiving transfer of power while Biden is out for twenty minutes with a camera up his butt. BTW, shouldn’t he do this procedure while on vacation at his Baltimore home not while the House simultaneously shoves a pork bill up our butts? Just a thought.


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