Rule of Law Won Over Mob Rule in Today’s Verdict.

Photo by Sora Shimazaki on

Justice was served. Conservatism won over the liberal mob today. Self defense won. Our constitution won today. Conservative news won over CNN today and especially MSNBC. I’m so proud of the jury in this case. They rose above the threats that they had endured from the mob and the media. That takes courage, conviction, and sharp reasoning. I half expected a hung jury with a few hold outs of “Not Guilty.” Makes me proud to be American again. Proud of the jury system.

Cuomo, DeBlasio, and Newsom should shut the hell up as Cuomo has his own trial coming up. Doesn’t he want jurors who follow the rule of law? I guess not. He wants mob rule to support him in the streets and threaten the jurors. Good luck with that and way to fan the flames of violence. Newsom apparently has no legal knowledge except for being married to a prosecutor once. To call Kyle a vigilante active shooter was out of line for the governor. So far no violence in Kenosha, in spite of the liberal politicians and goofy news anchors weighing in stupidly.

Conservatism did win today over liberal mob think and rule, the likes of Newsom and Biden. Two beauties, as Trump would say. The BLM movement lost big time today and should never have stuck their nose in where it didn’t belong. I hope Kyle sues the pants off all of them including the media for slander like Sandman did. I hope he makes millions for what they put him through.

Let’s hope the town of Kenosha got the message that the truth will always prevail and today it did. There was never a racial factor in this trial. Now if New York City could follow suit and erase that worthless BLACK LIVES MATTER graffiti from the pavement in front of Trump Tower and make a public apology to Trump, I’d really feel like we are making ground. But I won’t hold my breath. DeBlasio had no business defiling public property with a radical movement’s name. It was vindictive, threatening, and a bit sophomoric.

Pray for peace in Kenosha tonight.


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