Will the Real Domestic Terrorist Please Stand Up?

Notice how fast the White House is trying to distance themselves from the black career criminal rapper released out on bail just recently for negligent homicide? Notice they’ve labeled this terror attack on 40 Christmas parade attenders “a situation” and “an incident” rather than domestic terror by a militant like they were quick to label Kyle Rittenhouse? In fact CNN and MSNBC aren’t even covering it, now that they know who has been arrested. Doesn’t fit their CRT narrative.

This “person of interest” in custody is a follower of Malcolm X and raps about hating Trump and pigs. This is a true domestic terrorist that used his car as a murder weapon killing five and injuring forty plus, some of them children. He was a real active killer on the street targeting innocent parade goers with his car similar to a school shooter. This is one of the methods of mass murder used by home grown terrorists. Will he get a trial similar to Kyle Rittenhouse where the president chimes in calling him a black militant in order to influence the jury? Will this act of terror get covered by the liberal press as if a white guy had committed it? I seriously doubt it.

Will the ladies of The View like Whoopie have some words of wisdom? Will Joy Blowhard condemn this killer like she did Kyle? I think not. What we are dealing with here is one justice system for the left and another one for conservatives. It’s a two tiered justice system. The George Soros-appointed prosecutor released this killer from jail as he doesn’t like to see blacks behind bars. But we have 400 white rally goers sitting behind bars that did nothing other than attend a Trump rally.

The motive of this killer is simple. He was mad about the verdict in Kyle’s case. He hates whites and figured mostly whites would attend a Christmas parade. The media will cover for his motive as well as the White House as it doesn’t fit the narrative that “blacks are oppressed and whites are the suppressors.” He’s a modern day Black Panther.

Condolences go out to the victims of this latest hate crime under Biden’s regime. We know now who the real domestic terrorist is: Darrell Brooks not Kyle Rittenhouse. And we also know now who the real racist is: Darrell Brooks not Kyle. And what’s going on in Wisconsin? Used to be a peaceful northern state. What a shame in Waukesha.

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