Motive in Waukesha Reduced to “Domestic Disturbance?”

Domestic Disturbance (2001 film) poster.jpg

Where was John Travolta during all this mayhem? Waukesha needed him.

Let me get this straight. So…if you have a squabble with your baby momma you may flee the scene in a high-speed vehicle, cross over barricades, and run down forty-five innocent people in a parade never stopping once to check to see if you injured someone? As long as there was no intent to kill but rather to escape your baby momma, it’s not considered a hate crime, domestic terror, mass murder, or a killing spree? You’ve got to be kidding me!

The euphemism used by the police, president, and media sickens me compared to the names they called Kyle Rittenhouse. This killing spree or domestic terror has been called a tragedy, an incident, and a situation by the White House. A tragedy is a hurricane or earthquake not a killing spree by a career criminal out on bail for the exact same thing, running his baby momma over with his car! This is his weapon of choice. The police are calling this killing spree “the parade crash.” Someone obviously got to them. OMG! It wasn’t a car accident! It was intentional and went on and on hitting as many victims (not cars) as he could. Where they came up with the word crash, I can’t imagine.

I see what they’re all doing. They are covering their asses for letting this nutcase out of jail so they need to downplay the result of their stupidity. They are also covering that fact that it was committed by a black militant with a history of hate of country, Trump, and police. It doesn’t fit the CRT narrative. If he was white, he’d already be strung up from the nearest tree by the liberal media, figuratively speaking; and Biden and the media would be labeling him a white domestic terrorist, no doubt in my mind.

We are experiencing the results of George Soros-appointed and paid for DA and Prosecutors who are too lenient and permissive to liberal perps but throw the book at the rest of us. It’s a two-tiered justice system who’s chickens are coming home to roost. There’s no excuse for five innocent people being mowed down and forty plus suffering in the hospital. No excuse other than poor judicial system. Someone who was arrested on attempted murder should never be out on bail as this is the result. He’s a hate-filled racist who was obviously angered by the result of Kyle being acquitted. Will the police admit that? Of course, not. They’d rather have us think he was fleeing from his baby momma. Poor guy.

And for those in the media calling innocent people being mowed down, bad karma for Kyle’s verdict. You are sick. It may be the real motive for his killing spree but not karma for a verdict. But this is exactly what Darrell Brooks wanted the far left media to say. Congratulations for completing a psychopath’s wishes. He knew exactly what our goofy president and far left media would say, “A tragedy and karma for a verdict.”

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