“Black Looting Malcontents” Give New Meaning to BLM.

Patrolling for Looters.

I can’t stand to see these hooded gangs of delinquents breaking into luxury stores and stealing as much as they can hold then driving off in their cars. Who made it legal to steal up to $1,000? That person needs to be fired. And trust me, they are stealing over $1,000 when they steal high- end purses, jewelry, and cell phones. And I’m sorry if “looters” is a racist word. Maybe it is because only black gangs are looting. Hmmm.

This mass looting makes me not even want to spend my hard earned savings on gifts this Christmas when I see these thieves getting stuff for free and the stores just let them run. Why should the rest of us hand over cash when they just don’t care?

There should be armed security guards out front of these stores and when the gangs show up put them under arrest and call for backup. These looters need to be rounded up and put in a paddy wagon. It’s not brain surgery, but these liberal cities seem to be flummoxed by these marauding teenagers. Any movie we’ve ever seen where robbers come in and steal jewelry, they get shot if they don’t stop as they try to flee in their getaway vehicles. Simple as that. Until we resume that kind of law and order, this mayhem will continue.

These BLM have ruined San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Walnut Creek and is now spreading to Santa Rosa. It’s like a fad for these robbers. Who are their parents? What did they raise, a bunch of entitled lawless renegades? I think these villains coordinate through Facebook and plan their attack at the same time at one location. Zuckerberg should be banning them from Facebook as they are promoting criminal activity. They outnumber the police, so it’s time for the National Guard to take over the Streets of San Francisco and other cities that are going through this. Where’s Dirty Harry when we need him? Lock these thieves up! That’s the only way to deter this behavior. When you catch them, hold them at gunpoint then say, “Do you feel lucky punk? Well do ya?”

The more you allow it, the worse it will get and these stores will undoubtedly go out of business. Something has to be done about it. These cities need to grow some you know what and fix the problem. And for the mayors or city council that say it’s okay as it’s for reparations, give me a break. These thugs don’t know what it was like for their ancestors only what the radical left has been indoctrinating them to think. This is probably the result of all the CRT they’ve been hearing. All they’re really doing is making a bad name for future African Americans.

The murderer who maimed 45 plus innocent Christmas parade goers killing six with his car is also a product of years of kowtowing to the blacks and letting them get away with everything, especially the riots of 2020. How many of them have been arrested and jailed? None, I suspect, and why we are where we are now. It wasn’t a Parade Crash! Please.

This administration will cover for criminals until the cows come home. Biden should be consoling the victims of this horrendous attack in Waukesha rather than sitting on his ass in Nantucket. It was worse than any recent terror attacks or school shootings. Has anyone noticed his gait lately? Stiff-legged Frankenstein walk. Biden should be denouncing this mass murderer and these looters; but instead, he turns the page like he did with Afghanistan. He thinks the people will soon forget. But we won’t. Like we didn’t forget Benghazi.

Let’s kick Pelosi out of San Francisco and bring back law and order. She has ruined the city. Clean up the streets and lock up the looting malcontents. The radical left wants us to live in fear and filth so they can maintain power over us. These BLMers are nothing more than their drones doing the dirty work for them. That’s why they don’t get arrested and are running roughshod over our cities. If we ever needed to take over the House and pass some good bills, now is the time. Vote these malcontents out of office in 2022.

Happy Thanksgiving to all the honest people. The looters can eat crumbs behind bars where they belong.


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