Biden Copying Trump is Too Little, Too Late.

(“I wish I could be more like Trump.”)

Out of desperation to raise his approval ratings Biden is trying something, anything, to change the tide back toward himself. But what he is trying is almost too late. Enforcing the Stay in Mexico policy like Trump had will probably just have illegals piling up on Mexico’s side of the border causing problems for them that Biden started. Biden encouraged millions to come our way with promises of freebies.

Banning flights from some countries in Africa is like putting a Band-Aid on a leak in a dam to stop covid. And remember when Trump did it, he was called a racist by Biden and the media. Demanding oil from OPEC defeats the purpose of ending oil drilling in our country in the name of climate change. We were energy independent under Trump. Biden is paying workers more to stay home than to get back to their jobs as longshoremen. And oil prices are keeping truckers off the road. When he restores the building of the wall and our pipelines, shuts down our southern border completely, and ends the stimulus and unemployment bonuses; then, and only then, will we see a difference in our borders, ports, oil prices, inflation, and covid cases. Not until then.

Biden has instilled so much fear of covid in people, it will take years to erase. Where we’re at now is so willy nilly no one knows whether to wear a mask or take the booster. I’d prefer to not wear the mask or take the booster. My husband has been inflicted with two medical conditions since taking the vaccinations. Worse year in health ever and he used to golf three times a week, ride his bike, and go to the gym. Now he cannot get out of a chair without help. He’s fatigued, lost weight, and in pain. My kids don’t recognize him. Coincidence? Maybe, but I feel the vaccines had something to do with it despite what our doctors tell us. It killed his white blood cells that fight other diseases. IMO.

Now as far as coming down with covid, it is the luck of the draw. It will have to run its course. We have to be vigilant but not alter our lives to a point where we aren’t enjoying it. Personally, I hardly ever think about covid any longer only when I have to go shopping and see morons still keeping ten feet away from other carts in the checkout line. I feel like saying something to them, but they have fear instilled in them that has become habit now and will take years of normal behavior from others to rub off on them. They are like programmed robots. I never knew how compliant our society was until covid came around.

These are the gullibles that voted for Biden and think he’s doing a good job, like Joy Blowhard bragged about. She held up a small card with Joe’s accomplishments. At first, I thought she was being facetious, but she was serious. It had about six items on it! “Got back into the Climate Accord, Passed two stimulus bills, Passed a spending bill, Got back in the Iran nuclear deal, And ended the war in Afghanistan!” The audience clapped. These people are drinking some new flavored Kool Aid for sure. I’ve never seen so many closeminded, uninformed idiots in one room. They must only listen to CNN, NPR, MSNBC, and CBS or read the NY Times, LA Times, or WAPO. Poor lost souls.

Biden will undoubtedly have to reinstate Trump’s policies if he is ever to restore some semblance of prosperity in our country again. And if he does, the media will give him full credit like it has never been done before under Trump. After all, “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery that mediocrity can pay to greatness.”- Oscar Wilde

Bottom line is: Biden is the epitome of mediocrity. As a lifetime bureaucrat, he has never run a company or even held a job in the private sector. He doesn’t know how things are run. I wouldn’t trust him to run a 7-Eleven Store yet he is the leader of the free world. His son, Hunter, had to pay his bills for God’s sake. Not even Jill. We need our great businessman and stylish Melania back in the White House rather than these imposters.


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