Time to Set a Few More Things Straight.

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We are all getting frustrated by the news feigning outrage over certain topics that they already knew about, even FOX News. It is frustrating how they pretend to be surprised or bewildered by certain things we’ve always known or suspected. Here’s what really is going on:

  1. In the Ghislaine Maxwell trial, a prosecutor is Jim Comey’s daughter! This a conflict of interest but the news is avoiding this fact. Let’s have a refresher course. Jim’s wife and daughters campaigned for Hillary. They are big time feminists. Hillary’s husband is accused of being on the Lolita Express with underage girls going to a “virgin” Island. And the judge is an Obama-appointed lib. If this isn’t an attempt to hide the truth about who were the clients of Epstein, I don’t know what is. The prosecutor will be covering up for Jeff Epstein’s clients. We’ll never hear of any prominent names in this trial except for maybe Trump’s name to offset Bill Clinton’s guilt. Remember: “When in doubt, blame Trump” is their mantra.
  2. In the Jussie Smollett trial, he faked a hate crime but the crime is bigger than that. He may have been hired by politicians like Kamala to hurt Trump like Dr. Ford was hired to hurt Kavanaugh’s chances for the Supreme Court. After all, Jussie called it “MAGA Country and racists and homophobes attacked him” and that stuck with the general public. Trump and his supporters are called racist and homophobes to this day. So Jussie et al got what they wanted. To taint Trump. The hate crime was just “a means to an end.” Part of their plan to influence the election. Notice he wasn’t arrested when they realized he planned it all until quite later after word got out. DA covering for the politicians and the left.

Now that we know the left is capable of many coverups and conspiracies, just about everything we hear from now on will be a conspiracy or coverup by them.

3. After Kyle Rittenhouse’s acquittal, he is still being labeled a white supremacist and murderer by certain public figures and those in the media. This their way to tarnish Kyle and the GOP at the same time. Also to make self defense against Antifa and BLM a crime. Don’t fall for it. Ignore those in the media and hate groups at ASU that are trying to ruin his future. He will win in the end once he sues all those who defamed him prior to the trial and afterwards. He’ll end up a rich young man who can pay his own way into the university of his choice.

4. Dr. Fauci is a egomaniacal, political hack. He deflects what he has done onto January 6th. Fauci is responsible for funding research on a virus that has gone haywire now across the globe killing millions but changes the subject to a few lawless agitators on January 6th? That is a trait of a true sociopath. Trust me, Fauci knew about the bioweapon and somebody authorized it to be unleashed to ruin Trump’s great presidential term and effect the election. Fauci has always been a fly in the ointment, snake in the grass, traitor.

6. Hunter’s laptop from hell has finally been authenticated like we knew from the get go but the media, Joe, Hunter, Social Media, FBI, Chris Wray, and Dems gave cover for Joe. Hunter dropped it off at a repair shop, signed a receipt, but forgot about it. It became the property of the shop owner who called the FBI prior to the election, and they held onto it in silence. Just like they did with knowledge of Hillary’s deleted, subpoenaed emails. Then six corrupt CIA agents signed a letter saying it came from Russia disinformation. AGAIN! Do we all have STUPID written on our foreheads? They must think so. And Biden lied through his false teeth during a debate with Trump claiming the laptop was not Hunter’s. Lied on national tv! But he always lies and the moderator covered for him. All in it together.

And this latest deal with China making Hunter rich once again, are you kidding me? If this was one of Trump’s sons, we’d be screaming from the rooftops. But, alas, it is only the kid, Hunter. And if you think his paintings weren’t pay for influence to the president, you need your head examined. I suspect this billionaire’s home they went to in Nantucket was one of the buyers and Biden got an earful from them. No telling how many extortion attempts from China, Russia, and Ukraine Biden gets daily and gives into. They’ve got the goods on the Biden Crime Syndicate.

5. The racist murderer Darrell Brooks, who mowed down over 45 and killed six, committed a hate crime. He should be charged with a hate crime and domestic terror. His social media and rap songs all express hate for whites, GOP, and Trump. The media is implying an unmanned car killed six parade goers. Must have been a Tesla. This is how ef’d up the media has become. They won’t even say Brooks’ name or show his picture because it doesn’t fit the narrative: White suspects guilty, Black suspects innocent.

6. When Trump called the virus that came from China a “China Virus” it was not racist nor xenophobic as many viruses are labeled after where they originate from. But WHO downplayed the origin by labeling it some “coronavirus 19” which makes no sense to average people. But guess what? The hate crimes against Chinese Americans are committed by BLM types in order to make it seem like conservatives are angry at Chinese Americans. We are not. This is part of their plan to still tarnish Trump for calling it the China Virus. And the media is covering up this fact by reporting “a large rock hit a Chinese woman today.” I guess it was an unmanned rock that fell from above. Then the media latched on together with commercials on tv saying “Stop Asian Hate.” Their way, once again, to spread nonexistent hate of Asians while subliminally tarnishing Trump. Everything they do or say has a hidden agenda.

The left is smart at corruption, deceit, and malice, but terrible at running a successful country. Socialism will never work. It never has in other countries and will not here. There are more news items to set straight but I’ve run out of time.


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