Biden Snubs Victims of Waukesha Mass Attack.

Why is that? There are 60 maimed innocent victims of a domestic terror hate crime lying in the hospital wondering why their president doesn’t care about them. This attack was bigger than the gun shooter in Las Vegas many years ago as a car does more damage than a bullet. Yet this president turns a blind eye to poor innocent souls lying in pain, possible disfigured for life. Why is that?

I suspect it is very similar to why he ignores the failure of his withdrawal from Afghanistan, leaving American citizens, allies, and all our weaponry behind. He turns the page so the news will go onto something else. He thinks if the news doesn’t report it, the people will forget. Some have already, but not the fans in the stadiums chanting “FU Joe Biden.”

Biden doesn’t like the narrative that a black career criminal committed this crime, so he ignores it. It has not been labeled a domestic terror attack yet by the FBI; but yesterday a white school shooter was instantly labeled a domestic terrorist without knowing the motive. Could have been a lovers’ quarrel for all they know. But, no, it is terror because he was white. This feeds into their “white supremacy is the biggest threat to America” lie. Interesting how this works. So with this said, has lying Alec Baldwin been labeled a white supremacist and domestic terrorist? Of course, not.

Notice how Biden is dismissing the shortage of goods on our shelves? He has some clever writer comparing it to Beanie Babies and Cabbage Patch Dolls. How cute. But stupid. We ain’t buying it, Biden. We’re not as stupid as you think. You can’t compare a shortage of popular fad items to goods sitting out on barges waiting to be unloaded due to shortage of laborers. Dumb.

Whenever there is bad news caused by this administration’s liberal policies, this administration downplays it and turns the page. Psaki outright lies to our faces, so she can’t be trusted. She’s snippy, snarky, and downright rude. But notice how Biden keeps these incompetents around him? The more they look bad in the public eye like Fauci, Garland, Psaki, Buttigeig, Kerry, Milley, Blinken, Yellen, Austin, Granholm, Mayorkas, and Harris, the less attention on himself. Just like Obama did. [Surround yourself with losers and maybe they’ll get blamed for your mistakes.] Genius.

If we keep complaining about Waukesha, maybe we can shame this president into taking time out of his busy schedule and naps for a visit there. The excuse of saving money on security for his visit is 100% BS. Since when does this administration care about saving money? It’s laughable, if not insane. He has security at his vacation venues, doesn’t he? Like Nantucket? He is the laziest, most inept, deceitful, and compromised president in history, I believe.

Read “The Laptop From Hell” for more enlightening details on the Biden Family Crime Syndicate. Watch The Singing Trump from America’s Got Talent 2017 for some levity from the insanity going on. Great impressionist.


2 thoughts on “Biden Snubs Victims of Waukesha Mass Attack.

  1. I can solve the puzzle. Perp is the wrong color, victims for the most part are wrong color……no political capitol, nothing to gain politically. Matter of fact it shines a bright light of Democrat hypocrisy. They aren’t going anywhere near it. The media is avoiding it like the plague for the same reasons. Meanwhile blacks keep killing police officers in ambush style attacks, and a 14 year old Florida boy is killed by a black dude while out for a bike ride. Blacks are good, whites bad. That narrative isn’t likely to change anytime soon.

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