Recipe For An Excuse:

“If you don’t vote for me, you ain’t black.”


One Everlasting Pandemic

Sprinkled with Racism [or guns]

A dollop of Climate Change

[Just read about it in the newspaper]

[A heavy serving of Russia or Greed]

Served with a Slice of Trump

[Dessert: Disinformation and white supremacy]

Bon Appetit!

This has been the ingredients this administration uses for every one of their failures. Sometimes the pandemic without racism, climate, or Trump and sometimes racism without the pandemic, climate, or Trump and sometimes just Trump like they tried for their failure in Afghanistan. Get where I’m going?

Think back to every challenge they’ve had since taking office. Looting’s root cause now is the pandemic combined with suppression of black race. Can’t really blame Trump now, can they? Failure at the border was blamed on Trump and climate change. Kyle Rittenhouse’s shootings were blamed on racism. Darrell Brook’s rampage was actually caused by racism against whites but notice this administration ain’t touching that story. Doesn’t fit their recipe although one news anchor tried to blame it on too many cars. So that would fall under climate change.

Inflation and supply shortages they say is caused by the pandemic. So many people getting back to work after covid that we can’t keep up with their demands. Next Alec Baldwin will be blaming Trump for putting the bullet in his “prop” gun. Don’t be surprised.

See where I’m going with this theory? The Biden Administration has a “playbook.” In it is the Recipe for an Excuse that they refer to whenever they get caught with their pants down. Psaki flipped through her notebook when Doocy asked her, “What is causing all this looting?” He wanted her to admit it was due to radical DAs (financed by Soros) allowing for no ramifications for these thugs when arrested, but she came up with her own doozey: The pandemic together with suppression of blacks. And no follow up by others in the press core?

A light went on when she used that as her excuse as it obviously sounded stupid to average ears. I knew then that they are using the same excuses over and over and interchanging them whenever possible. Remember how they all jumped on the Jussie Smollett story buying it hook, line, and sinker almost made to order by this administration. The fact that Jussie is sticking to his story of being jumped by MAGA-hatted racists defies plausibility.

Their latest: blaming the Trump administration for not getting the supply of vaccines out fast enough is causing covid to spread and mutate. Wow! Without Trump, there’d be no vaccines to get out! Trump expedited the research for the vaccine in record time and should be thanked. But this administration can only blame.

Even today Biden blamed his cough on kissing his grandson. Gee, I thought we were supposed to wear masks around our family especially toddlers with colds!. How can he blame his grandson for his stupidity? Because Biden never takes blame for anything. Not even catching a cold. Must have been the climate.

Biden’s theme song should be “It wasn’t me,” by Shaggy.

UPDATED: 5-19-22 [ ] Brackets around updated.

Nothing has changed much since this was posted except for more excuses added to the Recipe. I guess their original ingredients were wearing thin. They blamed cancelling the “Disinformation Department” on disinformation coming from outside sources. You can’t make this up. Gasoline prices are Putin’s fault. Shortage of baby formula is greedy companies cutting corners on safety of their products. They knew about this since last year but did nothing. Didn’t see it coming apparently until it hit the newspapers. Truth is, Biden sent our baby formula to the borders for incoming migrants. Mass shootings of late are the result of White Supremacy if the shooter is white; if black or Asian, it goes ignored.

Rising inflation is caused by Putin’s war. But truth is, inflation is a direct result of borrowing money, printing money, stopping oil and fossil fuel production and pipelines in our country which gives us a shortage of oil in exchange for advancing the green energy program.

Way to go Biden. Keep blaming others with your piss ass excuses. See how that works this November.


5 thoughts on “Recipe For An Excuse:

  1. Yesterday at CVS, I asked the Pharmacist where an item was. She responded, “If you put your mask on, I’ll tell you.” I wanted to say, “How come Biden can shop in a giftshop without a mask, but I can’t?” But I am done confronting stupidity and complied like the rest of the sheep.


  2. Lot’s of stories from WWll Germany about neighbors ratting out neighbors, and the goon squads dragging them from their homes. We’re just about at that point in 2021 America, not a comforting thought. They are only doing it to prominent political enemies right now, wait, it’s coming to a town near you.


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