Permissive Parenting Leads to School Shootings.

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What kind of parents, liberal or conservative, buy their children a real gun for their birthday? This is the second time I’m hearing of this. The first was Sandy Hook when a mother bought her autistic son a rifle for his 18th birthday. Then he shot up the school she worked at.

Kids are like sponges. If they hear their parents complaining about the world or their workplace or their political leaders, troubled teens may think they are doing their parents a favor. As a parent of sons only, I was a strict disciplinary mom. I didn’t put them in karate like the other moms as they were already very physical. I put them in noncontact sports like soccer, baseball, golf, and basketball. Not even football as one got hurt in Pop Warner. I bought them Nerf squirt guns. One goofy neighbor gave my ten year old son a pocket knife for his birthday. I confiscated it, and he never saw it to this day.

I’m telling you some parents are very permissive from the unsupervised sleepovers, to the alcohol parties, to no afterschool supervision, to buying their affection, it needs to stop. This Michigan boy was clearly troubled and his parents crossed a line when they bought him a gun.

As a daughter who spent many a trip to the ER or home doctor visits as a child, I knew for a fact that kids need to be supervised. My mother, although she was the epitome of Leave it to Beaver’s June Cleaver with the pearls, dress, and dinner on the table by six p.m. when dad arrived home, she didn’t watch me that much. She would say, “Go out and play but be home by dinnertime.” I became the opposite kind of mother because I knew of the danger out there. But not a helicopter parent by any means.

For the life of me, I count my blessings for surviving my childhood with two older brothers, one who was very mischievous. I had stitches in my chin twice beginning at age two, a metal tipped arrow in my ankle, third degree burn on my chest, all the skin scraped off my thigh, broken Coke bottle glass in the arch of my foot, fingernails scraped to the bone, forth degree burn from a road flare, blunt force trauma to my cheekbone, and a fractured toe all before age 17.

I guess what I’m saying is children do not come with an instruction guide nor a protective bubble. We raise them to the best of our ability but sometimes common sense has to step in. When you see your kid hates school and his classmates, you don’t reward him with a pistol. My brothers had BB guns, but they were soon confiscated by my dad. My dad, the veteran, was the disciplinary one. Thank God.

Trip down Memory Lane. I used to love my metal cap gun pistol pretending to be Calamity Jane. Didn’t hurt any one. The left probably outlawed those. They don’t lead to becoming a school shooter. They may, in fact, do the opposite.

It’s about time permissive parents are held accountable in these school shootings. I always thought the Parkland Shooting and Sandy Hook should have held the parents accountable as the boys lived in a ticking timebomb. Parents should have known. As parents, we can’t be friends with our kids; we have to be the main disciplinary model in their life. God knows the schools aren’t doing it any longer.

Discipline starts in the home at a young age. You can’t send an unruly child that has never been scolded or reprimanded into the school system and expect the school to reverse all the damage. Some parents think this way. They think the teachers will turn their child around. Sometimes it happens, but evidenced by the increasing school shootings, not often enough. Parents need to be held accountable for buying them a gun.

I don’t want to go into the reason some kids have trouble in school. It’s a known fact, some kids are more popular than others and this has been the case since the beginning of school. Revenge of the Nerds was the first movie addressing this as well as The Breakfast Club and Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. It’s part of growing up. The schools want to make every child equal in gender and accomplishment but this hasn’t helped. They are all different, from different backgrounds, and have different talents. They should be treated accordingly. And at the first sign of lawlessness, parents and police should be notified.

And where are the security guards and metal detectors in schools? How many more of these shootings do we need before we invest in security? Maybe the school board should spend less money on teaching CRT and more on school safety and security. Just a thought.


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