Can Trump Sue Smollett for Election Interference…

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for staging a disgusting hate crime that incriminated the Make America Great Again Campaign? I would think so now that Smollett has been found GUILTY on five charges. This race-bated staged hate crime fueled riots across the nation by the BLM types, burning cities and police stations. Our politicians and celebrities fueled the racial division fire by jumping on the Jussie Smollett train, even Biden and Kamala, some calling it a Modern Day Lynching. Shame on all of them.

I don’t believe Smollett committed this crime to get a raise at his job. Poor excuse. I believe he’s a racist like Darrell Brooks who intentionally tried to hurt white people and Trump and his supporters just like the FBI did on January 6th. It was a trend and continued with Bubba Wallace’s fake noose. It needs to stop, and this jury may have just put the nail in the coffin for staged hate crimes and riots. I hope the judge sentences Jussie time in jail to set an example for others thinking of reporting a false hate crime.

The media looks like fools for believing such a contrived story from the thin noose, the bleach, the temperature, the racist words, the cancelled checks, the surveillance cameras, the rehearsal, to the non injuries. This crime was so ill-conceived he must have brought in Hillary to help plan it. But notice the MSM is avoiding this trial altogether. Shocking. But we now know that our volunteer juries are smarter than our elected politicians and our news anchors that get paid millions a year. So proud of the last two juries that came to the correct verdict ignoring the pressure from BLM.

Will our dumb politicians that rushed to judgment make a public apology? You know Reporter Doocy will be asking Psaki if Biden and Kamala will issue one. I can hear her response now, “Well, they stand by their statements that condemn all hate crimes as there has been increasing systemic racism in our country since the last administration” i.e., blame Trump and avoid the question altogether.

“What about staged hate crimes, Psaki? Do they condemn them too?” Doocy should follow up with. “And do you think the jury got it right?”

“Umm…well…ah…” grabs her hair, grits her teeth, and looks around the room. “I’ll have to circle back on that.” They are probably scrambling into the Oval Office for a special meeting on today’s verdict as I write. It’s damage control time.

And I hope Trump does sue the socks off Smollett and maybe even the media for fanning the flames of this fake hate crime. Just like Sandman did. Jussie’s intent was to tarnish Trump and his supporters and succeeded for a long while. But the truth always prevails, and that’s what the left never counts on. Thank God for smart juries.


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